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10 gorgeous DeVol kitchens to be inspired by

When working on a kitchen project, I always make sure to check out the inspirational images on the DeVol Kitchens website, as they are always so authentic, unique, and personal.

DeVOL kitchens was founded in 1989 by Philip deVries and Paul O’Leary, who were design graduates at the time who renovated antique furniture and created bespoke pieces from their small workshop. Not long after that they opened a showroom in Cotes Mill and are now making bespoke kitchen designs for clients across the UK.

The DeVOL kitchens can be characterized by traditional techniques paired with modern innovation and I always recognize small inspirational things in their designs that make the complete kitchen design truly one-of-a-kind. In the list below, I selected my favorite kitchen designs from their portfolio of kitchen spaces, which has been a true inspiration for me over the last few years.

A classic English kitchen in a subdued yellow with a brown kitchen island

The Stoke Newington Kitchen combines authentic designs reminiscent of simpler times with some unique touches, which play an important part in the personality of the space. The owners of this place knocked down a brick wall and replaced it with a glass partition which allows rooms to be separated, yet the daylight can flow freely from space to space.

The subdued yellow on the classic English kitchen cabinets is finished off with a Carrara marble countertop that is elevated behind the brass faucet. The aged brass hanging rail spreads across the entire kitchen module and comes in handy to store pots and other utensils. On the other side of the kitchen, you can find a brown kitchen island that adds a beautiful dark tone to the color palette.

This truly bespoke kitchen is finished off with a dark wood table, dark wishbone dining chairs, and a Gaselier light from the Heirloom collection, which is made using traditional techniques.

A grey shaker kitchen with a breakfast bar in a galley layout

This kitchen in a historic house in Bath belongs to the founders of Cereal magazine. Rather than filling the interior completely with classic antiques, the owners took a more contemporary approach and paired antiques with modern furniture pieces, art, other inspirational things, and a beautiful galley kitchen with a breakfast bar that looks over the historic houses in Bath.

The soft and warm grey shaker kitchen is finished off with painted knobs and a minimal white countertop. The combination of lower and upper cabinets with wall shelves allows for ample storage space, without the layout feeling too busy or crowded.

A green shaker kitchen with classic details and appliances

This beautiful green kitchen in The Stepney Townhouse in East London has green-brown shaker cupboards that suit the room and the Georgian house perfectly. The dark shaker kitchen is lightened with marble counters and a white farmhouse sink, finished off with brass cabinet pulls, which are such an important part of the classic appearance of the kitchen design.

An oak kitchen inspired by mid-century English furniture

While the real shaker collection offers economical furniture inspired by authentic shaker carpentry and the Classic English kitchen is a truly bespoke kitchen made in the highest quality, the Haberdasher Collection, pictured below, is inspired by mid-century English furniture.

The East Sheen Kitchen pairs oak cupboards with a big old wooden table, vintage chairs, and beautiful appliances with intricate details. This combination of modern innovation, good taste in detail, and a few classic and timeless pieces result in a unique kitchen design that is a true inspiration.

The walls are treated with soft white limewash paint and the brass details all over the design add a sense of elegance which pairs nicely with the eye-catching black and white tile flooring.

A blue shaker kitchen with a white and gold shaker shelf

In this house in Cardiff, the interior designers used the cabinetry from the Real Shaker kitchen collection, which is economical furniture inspired by authentic shaker carpentry. In the very beginning, deVOL kitchens were designed in a minimal way, without too many cupboards and a kitchen island in the middle, just like in the room below.

The blue shaker cabinets have a calming effect in the space and even though no upper cabinetry is used to create a calm look, the wall shelving with the gold rail fills the wall space above the counter and offers a perfect spot to add a beautiful selection of kitchen details to make this room unique.

A soft wood kitchen with a long wood peg rail over the counter

The Ellei Home Kitchen features the Sebastian Cox kitchen in white soaped wood, enhanced with white marble counters, a beautiful oak peg rail spreading over the entire space, and a general sense of good taste in objects that turn this interior into a truly bespoke kitchen.

A Jersey kitchen with authentic designs reminiscent of when things were made to last a lifetime

When renovating this Brownstone in Jersey City, the owners made sure to preserve the interiors’ original features. The intricate building details are paired with a classic kitchen mixed with some shaker kitchen elements to ensure the highest quality, keep a check on costs, and add variety to the design.

The Arabascato Corchia marble used on the counter also comes back on the backsplash and wall shelf above the stove and the delicate porcelain pendant lights above the kitchen island with seating finish off this space, which was designed for the long run.

A pale blue shaker kitchen with a brass finish

The South Wing Kitchen has amazing original features, which are paired with a simple kitchen layout that doesn’t distract from the intricate details in the building. The chimney holds the cooker and features bespoke brass tiles to give it a modern look. The pale blue cabinets pair up nicely with the elegant off-white walls and the two wall shelves on each side of the chimney are perfect for holding cups and glasses.

A truly bespoke kitchen with red shaker cabinets

The Oxfordshire Farmstead is a truly bespoke kitchen with elaborate pink tiles as the main focal point in the room. The red shaker cabinets and show-stopping tiles are paired up with a wonderful selection of accessories and vintage furniture pieces.

The old prep table in the middle of the kitchen adds authenticity and the touches of warm aged brass from the rails, taps, and hardware tie the design together in a subtle, elegant way.

A blue shaker kitchen against warm beige walls

The blue shaker kitchen in this Regency Terrace in Bristol adds a wonderful cool color tone to the warm beige wall color in this historic place. The large alcove holds larger storage cabinets, while the large kitchen island is the center of the kitchen design. The crystal chandeliers finish the look off and make the space truly bespoke.