15 Creative Ways to Storage For Small Spaces

Homeowners often underestimate the amount of space they have available in their homes. The solution? Be creative! These 15 storage ideas to maximize your small spaces and create a personalized space that’s perfect for you.

  • Behind-the-Door Shelves

    Behind the door storage

    Many people overlook the storage space behind a door. Install shallow shelves along the wall behind your laundry room door. The behind door storage rack is inexpensive to do. Subtract an inch from the distance between the door hinges and the wall. That is the maximum depth of the shelves. For the sides, top, and shelves, we used 1x4s. Attach the sides to the top. Screw three 1×2 hanging strips to the sides: one on top, one on the bottom, and one in the middle. Install metal shelf standards on the side. To finish the shelves, nail 1×2 trim pieces to the sides and top. 1X2s dress up shelf units and prevent shelf clips from falling off.

    Make sure the studs are located. Use 2-1/2-inch screws to attach shelves to studs. Drill clearance holes in each shelf. wood screws. Install door bumpers on the door frame to protect it from damage.

  • Over the Door Storage

    Over the Door StorageA great storage solutions for small spaces is to use dead space, such as the back of a door storage. It allows you to add storage to places that you would not otherwise use! For example, a door organizer can store your toiletries in the bathroom! It can also store extra detergent in your laundry room. And it can even store books and toys in your kids room!

  • Install a Shelf and Clothes Rod

    Install a Shelf and Clothes Rod

    These clothing storage ideas for small spaces will help you to keep the room uncluttered and get the space you need for clothes storage.

    This project saves time by allowing you to hang clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer. You will also have an out of the way shelf to store all sorts of odds and ends. First, go to, buy standard closet rod brackets, Wall mounted L shelf bracket & a brass closet rod, and a precut 12-in deep melamine shelf. Then pick up some drywall anchors if you have concrete or plastic anchors if not. Fasten shelves to the wall and add the closet rod for instant organized laundry room closet storage.

  • Tight-Space Shelves

    Tight-Space Shelves

    You don’t need wire pantry shelves just for your pantry. Whether you’re in the garage, laundry room, utility room, or anywhere else that full-depth shelves won’t fit, these shelves are perfect. They are a great space-saving solution. In general, do you need more space? Take a look at these simple storage ideas for small spaces.

  • Storing in Suitcases? Roll Away

    Storing in Suitcases? Roll Away

    Some of your unused suitcases can be used for storing seasonal clothes (without taking up extra space) if you already have a few around. Before storing common clothes such as shirts, sweaters, and pants, roll them up into loose bundles. This will save space and allow the clothing to breathe better. Plus, affordable Small Closet Organization Ideas..

  • Build Rollouts at Ankle Level

    Build Rollouts at Ankle Level

    Another smart storage solution for a small kitchen is to build rollouts at ankle level to store all your baking trays. Also available are under-cabinet storage racks, which can be pulled down whenever needed, and then swung back up against the bottom of the cabinet when not in use.

  • Under Floor or Ceiling

    Under Floor or Ceiling

    Do not underestimate the possibilities of storage on the floor or the ceiling! In almost every room of the house, you can build a raised floor with hidden storage. Take advantage of the space above the bed as well for extra storage, and consider hanging open shelves in the ceiling. You can custom-build a built-in around your bed, providing clothing storage for small bedrooms under and over the bed as well as on both sides.

  • Shelving Unit

    Shelving Unit

    We all know open shelving in the kitchen is fashionable and looks great. Floating shelves and open shelving offer homeowners the opportunity to add more storage to their homes. You can maximize the use of space by adding as many floating shelves as you wish. Use both sides of your shelves to hang kitchen or crafts jars, by screwing the lids to the bottom of the shelf. Or you can hang glasses upside down and use hooks on the bottom part of the shelf to store cups.

  • Pantry Storage: Spice Storage

    Pantry Storage: Spice Storage

    Having a collection of small spice containers on the shelf wastes shelf space and makes it difficult for people to locate them when surrounded by taller bottles. Let’s check out some kitchen pantry ideas for small spaces. Install a small curtain rod as a shelf. They are easy to install and can hold spices.

  • Install Expandable Shelves in Cabinets

    Install Expandable Shelves in Cabinets

    There are many great advantages to using pull-out shelves, also known as slide-out shelves, as part of modular furniture – these high-quality, durable items with ingeniously engineered mechanisms come with numerous, great benefits.

    – Pull out shelves for kitchen cabinets are versatile. They mainly use of pull out cabinet organizer for storing pots and pans, spices, tea, pasta packets, and in the pantry to store various items. But they have other uses, as well:

    – You can use them in the living room to hold your entertainment center, especially if you use one of those modern drawers with outlets,

    – Bathrooms tend to accumulate many small items such as bottles, packs and jars, and pull-out shelves make organization much easier.

    – You can use pull-out shelves in the wardrobe to organize your clothes without having to reach items in the second row, or you can use them for your footwear to ensure you never lose a shoe again by keeping your precious pairs neatly stored side by side.

    Is this a good idea? Do pull-out shelves not make life easier?

  • Closet Nook Shelves

    Closet Nook Shelves

    By installing a set of wire shelves at the ends of your closets, you’ll free up a lot of hidden space. They’re available in a variety of widths. To get the right size, measure the space’s width and depth. If you need the shelves cut to length, ask the salesperson to cut them for you. Subtract 3/8-inch from the length. from the actual width to determine the shelf length. The shelf ends need to be mounted with brackets and clips. Would you like more closet organization tips? Take a look at these 10 closet remodeling ideas & clothes storage ideas.

  • Clothes storage ideas for small spaces: Double-decker closet rod

    Clothes storage ideas for small spaces: Double-decker closet rod

    To maximize a lot of hanging space in your closet, you only need two metal closet brackets and a closet rod. If your existing closet rod is 66 inches or longer. There is enough space below it to add a second rod and still hang shirts and pants. The top of the rod measures 35 inches. Only two levels of pants could be hung from the floor. Stud finders can help you find studs on the back wall of the closet. Once you’ve found the studs, attach metal brackets to them. Align the brackets with a level along the top. Set the brackets about 32 inches apart. apart. Are you still short of storage? Find out how to expand your closet.

  • Consolidate Clothing

    Consolidate Clothing

    All of your pants can take up a lot of closet space if they are hung separately. And if you have a small closet, then you could be wasting space. Instead of hanging your pants or jeans separately, use a pant hanger. Consolidating your clothing and hanging them all together make it super easy to organize a small closet!

  • Storage Ottomans

    Storage Ottomans

    Storage ottomans are one of my favorite ways to use “secret” storage space around your house. We use one in our living room to store board games and family photos! But you could also use them in your entryway to store shoes, one at the end of your bed to store extra blankets and pillows, or put one in your kid’s bedroom to organize their toys! There are so many ways you can add storage to small spaces by using storage ottomans!

  • Cabinet Door Organizers

    Cabinet Door Organizers

    In my kitchen, we don’t have as many drawers as I would like, and I always struggled on how to keep our oven mitts organized and easy to access. We used to keep them in a drawer by the stove, but they were always causing the drawer to not close easily. Plus, I really needed the drawer space to store our other kitchen necessities. So we tried this creative idea of using a cabinet door hanger basket to keep our oven mitts in! It has worked out perfectly! We hang them on the cabinet door right next to our stove and simply open the door and grab the oven mitt we need! Then when we are done, it’s so easy to just toss the oven mitt right back into the basket! Want to try this yourself?

  • Do you have any creative ideas for organizing small spaces? Tell us how you organize your small spaces in the comments!