6 Outdoor Thanksgiving Yard Decorations For 2023

6 Outdoor Thanksgiving Yard Decorations For 2023

How to make your home extra special this Thanksgiving Day? It’s easy, just pick one of the great ideas I have prepared for you! 

These original autumn outdoor Thanksgiving decorations will wow your guests and get them into the right mood for your delicious dinner. Let’s begin!

DIY Wooden Spool Turkey

Wooden turkey Thanksgiving decoration in the backyard

Turn an old wooden spool into one of your creative DIY outdoor Thanksgiving decorations! Don’t have any? Look at your local home improvement store. The one in my neighborhood gives them out for free when they are empty. The photo above is courtesy of Sixth Star Entertainment.

Once you have a spool, get some paint and a few planks, and let your imagination go wild. The turkey decorations in this picture look cute, but you can make them more colorful or light them up with a few strategically placed LED lights. Don’t forget to make some orange pumpkins – no autumn outdoor decor is complete without them!

Get Inspired By The Asan Botanical Garden

Dolphins made with mums

Find inspiration for your autumn outdoor Thanksgiving decorations in your past trips abroad. My visit to South Korea’s breathtakingly beautiful Asan World Flower Botanical Garden inspired me to assemble a flower statue this Thanksgiving day. 

The dolphins in the picture might be unsuitable unless you are a Miami Dolphins fan or lucky enough to live on the beach. However, I am sure creating a turkey flower statue isn’t that difficult either. If you are particularly handy, you can turn your garden into a Thanksgiving Day botanical wonderland that will wow all your guests!

Buckets Filled With Mums

Walkway decorated with buckets filled with mums

My South Korea trip gave me one of the best ideas for my autumn outdoor Thanksgiving decorations. Luckily, this one is suitable for people with minimal botanical expertise. Simply plant some brilliantly colored mums in a couple of buckets. These popular autumn flowers will help set a Thanksgiving Day tone, especially if you stick to fall hues of yellow, bronze, purple, or burgundy.

Can autumn mums survive the winter season? Master gardeners from the University of New Hampshire say it is highly unlikely unless you:

  • Opt for hardier single-flowered mum varieties
  • Plant mums in the spring rather than waiting for autumn
  • Don’t remove dead plant stems before spring
  • Add a layer of mulch over your plants’ crowns

Straw & Halloween Pumpkins 

A yard decorated with Halloween Pumpkins

If your Halloween pumpkins have made it to the end of November, do not throw them out. Use them as a part of your outdoor Thanksgiving decorations. As shown, even plastic pumpkins can be repurposed to add some rustic charm to your home with a bit of straw and a few old baskets and tins. The photo above is courtesy of M’s photography.

I made a similar setup for last Thanksgiving Day right next to my front door. My neighbor said it was the best-looking Thanksgiving decoration in our neighborhood – and I didn’t even spend a dime!

Pumpkins Galore

A place in the yard decorated with the real pumpkins

Janice Nelson from the reputable JC’s Landscaping company also thinks it is a good idea to repurpose your Halloween ornaments into outdoor Thanksgiving decorations. She suggests you start with uncarved pumpkins. Her advice is to use a variety of sizes and colors to create visual interest. The photo above is courtesy of Don Graham.

The image here is for inspiration, but you can surely think of many creative ideas to use pumpkins for making your outdoor space beautiful in autumn. For example, I place them on the steps leading to my front door.

White Chrysanthemum Turkey Flower Arrangements

Decoration turkeys made with flowers and leaves

How about bringing a meaningful feng shui symbol into your autumn decor? These adorable chrysanthemum turkey flower arrangements allow you to do that while having fun with your kids! The photo above is courtesy of anokarina.

In an article I read in The Spruce, Anjie Cho, a certified feng shui consultant and professional architect, explains that the chrysanthemum is a meaningful botanical symbol connected with the autumn season. In her words, white chrysanthemums invoke joy, beauty, and clarity. I’ll try it this autumn!


How can I decorate my yard for Thanksgiving?

You can decorate your yard for Thanksgiving by using some straw, pumpkins, autumn flowers, old containers, etc. Save money by being creative this Thanksgiving!

What decorations do you put up for Thanksgiving?

For Thanksgiving, I put up some fall-season decor next to my front door and placed a few pumpkins on my steps. If you have pumpkins, straw, and an old bucket – you can do it too!

Before You Go

Do you like my outdoor Thanksgiving decorations ideas? You can use them to create beautiful autumn decor for your front door, porch, and garden. All you need to make your Thanksgiving even more joyful is a few pumpkins or some autumn flowers, so why not give it a try?

If you have some Thanksgiving decor ideas, please share them in the comment section. Please share this article, too!

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