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8 squiggly mirror designs to add a fun factor to your interior

Squiggly mirror designs made their entry in home designs around the 1970s and while they can certainly be called a trend now, they were never really gone. The bold design and asymmetrical shape of the squiggle mirror add an immediate eye-catcher to your wall and you can pick out a design in a bold color if you want to make it a true focal point in a room design.

While the Ultrafragola squiggly mirror (3rd one on the list below) is probably the best-known design, many affordable alternatives are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Look at the list below to find the perfect squiggle mirror design for your interior design.

Match the color of your mirror with your interior walls for a calm and subtle tone-on-tone look, or go for a bold color contrast when you want your squiggle mirror to stand out in your space.

Curvy mirror by Swedish designer Gustav Westman

This handcrafted wood mirror with a curvy frame in semi-matte lacquer is designed by Swedish Gustav Westman and is available in a variety of different colors and three different sizes, including a full-length floor mirror that is perfect for leaning against the wall.

The frame itself is rectangular, however, the squiggly border covers part of the mirror which has been a popular addition to Swedish interiors in the past years.

&Klevering Dribble mirror

The irregular shape of the Dribble mirrors comes in two different shades and has an oval shape that is perfect for hanging on the wall. The frames can be picked out in either white or green and they brighten up your hallway wall.

While the green version adds a colorful style element to your wall, the white makes the originality of the piece shine.

Ultrafragola full-length squiggle mirror designed by Ettore Sottsass for Poltronova

Ettore Sottsass originally designed the Ultrafragola mirror as part of a series of objects for the interior, however, the famous squiggly mirror was the only one that made it past the prototype phase. The iconic design is made out of white opaline with a pink neon LED light inside, which turns the mirror from white to pink when you turn it on.

The sinus profile in the popular mirror border suggests long, wavy hair, from which the pink light emerges, casting an appealing soft pink shade into your interior, enhancing the shape of the wavy border and adding a play of shadow and depth which is the reason so many people love this design.

Ultrafragola full-length squiggle mirror designed by Ettore Sottsass for Poltronova

Normann Copenhagen Bogin mirrors

While the Bogin mirror design falls in the abstract mirror category, the subtle squiggle detail on this design by Greg Bogin for Normann Copenhagen is worth a mention on this list. The designer created a collection of objects that merge the boundary between painting and functional objects, contributing to a creation of a happy reflection that can be carried back into daily life.

The colored aluminum tubes frame the mirror halfway, forming a glossy, rounded border where the mirror and metal meet each other. The mirrors are available in three versions, each embracing the same bubbly expression, yet unique in shape, size, and color.

Normann Copenhagen Bogin mirrors

Zodiac mirror designed by Jean-Baptiste Fastrez for Moustache

The Zodiac mirror is designed by Jean-Baptiste Fastrez for Moustache. The mirror glass surface completes the ‘sausage’ border, which seems to be made out of an inflated material, yet it’s an ultra-glossy ceramic reproduction of a half tube, which appears to be a full ring because of the symmetrical mirror image behind it.

The Zodiac mirrors come in three sizes and can be picked out in glossy white, glossy black, or metallic versions.

Zodiac mirror designed by Jean-Baptiste Fastrez for Moustache

Ferm Living Pond mirror

The Ferm Living Pond design merges form and beauty with its use of organic shape. The open, fluid form of the mirror glass is held by a slim, metal frame that can be hung in any direction so it can blend in with the space perfectly. The Pond series includes different sizes and can be purchased in dark chrome or brass.

Ferm Living Pond mirror

Illu full-length squiggle mirror by Normann Copenhagen

The Illu mirror, also in the collection of Normann Copenhagen can be distinguished by its unique, wavy border that is fitted with a built-in dimmable LED light. The eye-catching design combines a decorative element with functional elements, making it a perfect addition to your room.

The unconventional squiggly mirror form that comes in a full-length version and a smaller size has a playful expression with an intriguing frame that is designed with a specific thickness to fit integrated light to ensure a cozy ambiance in your interior.

The design and its features are inspired by the beautiful flow emitted by traditional dressing room mirrors with fitted light blubs, yet with a modern and versatile interpretation. The mirrors are a perfect addition to a hallway, vanity space, or bedroom or can be used as a sculptural object in a living room.

&Klevering Zig Zag mirror

The Zig Zag mirror in pink stands out because it’s the only round squiggly mirror on the list. This budget-friendly mirror comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors and fits perfectly in a small space. The different colors can be picked out so it matches the color palette of your interior.

The biggest size is perfect as a hallway mirror for checking your makeup before you head out, while the smallest one can be hung as part of a gallery wall.

&Klevering Zig Zag mirror