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A Beautiful Bedroom Makeover Reveal For My Friend, With Some Of My Favorite Bedding

In this midst of Black Friday inundation on the internet, I’m so happy to give us all a break and show you a bedroom makeover we did for our friend and photographer, Kaitlin Green. After an extensive Covid remodel, Kaitlin and her husband Corey ran out of steam to pull together some of the rooms, and like many of us, we de-prioritize our bedrooms choosing instead to finish the rooms that are more guest-facing. It was a white box with leftover starter furniture. So when Brooklinen reached out for a bedding feature we figured it was the perfect excuse to redo her room (and FAST). And while it’s the busiest time of the year over here, this came together strangely easily and was so much fun to decorate, style, and shoot. Teamwork makes the blog work

I want you to keep scrolling and see Kaitlin’s beautiful photos (skill trading FTW) but I also want you to watch the FULL Webisode on Youtube that Brian shot and Gretchen edited (family teamwork also FTW). For those of you who like a shorter-form video, you can watch this one as well (Just wait for the short ad to play):

The Room Two Months Ago…

I feel like this room is so relatable. With two small kids, parents are often just a bit exhausted, and it feels almost impossible to put your time/resources towards yourself, especially after a draining remodel. So they prioritized the main living spaces – the kitchen/living room and we are doing the rest over time. It’s a real win/win (we trade for photos).

Jumping Off Point – The Wallpaper

I swear, wallpaper makes decorating easier because you need so much less for the rest of the room once you have a pattern on the walls. Kaitlin and Corey have great style – a touch more safe and contemporary than mine, and like warmer tones than I usually go for (see her basement reveal we did last year HERE), but I think I really get them. With almost no architectural interest in the room, we figured wallpaper was the way to go, but with a more calm pattern (the room isn’t big and again, they have two small kids). I pulled out my stash of neutral wallpapers, brought them over, and almost immediately we chose this wildflower floral by Kelly Ventura. It’s SO PRETTY.

Wallpaper | Sconce | Leather Catchall (similar) | Ceramic Dish (unavailable) | Ceramic Cup (similar)

The wallpaper is hand-drawn (Kelly is incredible, please follow her Instagram for painterly inspiration – it’s one of the few accounts I constantly show Birdie who wants to be an artist). We then took the colors from the wallpaper and chose the bedding from Brooklinen’s fall line, which worked PERFECTLY.

The Bedding – A Mix of Percale And Washed Linen

Linen Pillowcases | Striped Pillowcases | Striped Sheet Set | Duvet Cover | Throw Blanket

Kaitlin and Corey had never prioritized bedding in their budget (again, they just remodeled which can be so depleting, trust me). So I was ECSTATIC to give them the gift of Brooklinen bedding (once you go Brooklinen it’s hard to go back). There is a reason their percale sheets and duvet covers make it on my gift guide every year (and I’ve tried many, I promise). I specifically love some of their patterns, like these sheets, because they aren’t wild and bold, but just classic and neutral (with more interest than just white). I asked them if she wanted to mix percale with washed linen after touching it and they were really into it, so we added that raisin-colored duvet cover which is so gorgeous, and the olive/ochre pillow shams. You know I have feelings about linen bedding in general (there are two types of people – linen bedding lovers and percale bedding lovers), but I had forgotten that not all linen bedding is the same and Brooklinen’s is extremely soft and cooling. I feel like maybe I got burned by some less-than-great Target linen bedding in our guest room (which is pretty, but just a bit rougher). So the maker truly matters when it comes to bedding and Brooklinen’s linen is not only gorgeous, but still VERY soft.

We mixed in this extremely soft and pretty throw (LOOK AT THOSE COLORS) which I’m stealing for our holiday living room – the colors are perfect for me. Here’s my case for a slightly patterned sheet – I love light bedding (not totally opposed to dark, but prefer a darker duvet) but bright white doesn’t have the longevity that I want (methinks the self-tanner is the problem, of which I won’t quit), but with a small pattern like this the bedding lasts YEARS. I also really like pale tones for this reason.

The Furniture

Velvet Headboard | Bed Frame | Nightstand | Bench | Rug

That green velvet paneled headboard is soooo good, y’all. With only a month to produce this makeover, we reached out to a consistently incredible furniture partner, Article, and ordered this headboard, oak bed frame, and nightstands. They came within two weeks and are excellent. The headboard was installed with a cleat that the panels sit on (you can rest it on the floor but we wanted more height). It’s such a pretty color and created enough of a statement/focal point that we didn’t need to hang anything above it. The bench is from Bed Bath & Beyond and we bought the sconces from Crate & Barrel.

We didn’t have a ton of space for nightstands because of her closet (and their need for a king-sized bed), so these provided nice storage for being petite, and the sconces freed up the nightstand space.

Dresser | Art | Wicker Lamp | Tray (similar) | Vase (similar) | Ceiling Fan

The other side of the room houses their dresser and usually a Frame TV above it, but we shot the day after the wallpaper was installed and instead just leaned a couple of pieces of art I had in storage (from Crate & Barrel).

The lamp, fan, and bench are all from Bed Bath & Beyond (The dresser is West Elm, which they already had).

Wall Mirror (similar)

The Rug (AKA The Oberlin From Our RugsUSA Line)


We brought in the Oberlin rug, a jute and cotton mix which is WAY softer than most jutes and has a nice broken stripe. It paired so well with the wallpaper (both neutral) being more graphic against the smaller floral pattern.

The colors all worked so well together, even impressing ourselves Obviously, all our partnerships helped make this possible with our timeline, so a huge thanks to, of course, Brooklinen for partnering on this makeover/post. And we couldn’t have pulled it off so quickly without Article, RugsUSA, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Look Mom, we did it!!

Now for the really good news:) Right now Brooklinen is having their Black Friday Sale and all Brooklinen items are 20% off through November 29th. You can save even more by stacking this with their bundle discount so I’d recommend getting the Hardcore Bedding Bundle which can save you up to 40%. Maybe this is your time to finally refresh your bedding or get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping since this is their largest sale of the year!

Peeking into her room gave us all a lot of joy, so we had to capture it

….And then when your friend/designer/colleague/client poses awkwardly in your bed in the name of getting a portrait. There’s that!

Thanks, Brooklinen for making such pretty and soft bedding, and Kaitlin for shooting her pretty room with me. I hope this makeover (although sponsored, of course) was a nice reprieve from the sales content this week. xx

*Design and Styled by Emily Henderson (me!)
**Photos by
Kaitlin Green