An Emotional Transformation: From Nursery to Little Girl Heaven
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An Emotional Transformation: From Nursery to Little Girl Heaven

I’m struggling to find the words to describe how it feels to be turning my daughter’s nursery into a little girls room without sounding over the top or cliché. But it really does feel like this huge rite of passage. One that I wasn’t really anticipating? Or, perhaps, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined we’d be here so quickly. I must admit, I’ve been far more emotional about the whole thing than I thought I’d be. And though I’m sad to be saying goodbye to some of the last remaining remnants of my baby’s babyness, I am equally as excited for her and this next phase of life. Motherhood really is all of the things all at once isn’t it. Does one ever get used to the whiplash of emotions that come alongside this role?


All that said, it’s an honour to have been able to help take her room to the next level. Sometimes I wish I could design kids rooms exclusively – they just bring me so much joy. And, shocker, I get so sentimental about the idea of this space being the backdrop to her many childhood memories. She’s been sleeping here for a while now (we just had her first little sleepover with her cousin on Sunday and it was THE CUTEST) and she is just nailing the transition. I know she was ready for it, and I’m getting there too (in my own time, hah). Take a peek at the update below, if you’d like…


Bed | Mattress | Pillows | Sheet Set | Duvet Cover
Quilt | Lamp | Star Pillow | Rainbow Pillow | Rug | Nightstand

As an aside, if you’re looking for an organic mattress and pillows (something that was very important to me), I highly recommend Obasan. They are an absolute 10/10 for comfort and style. They’re fully customizable depending on your sleep needs, which I love. Plus they go above and beyond and do things like embroider your daughter and her stuffy’s name on their pillows (she LOVED this). Just so stinking cute!

The one we have for my little girls room (here) is the same mattress that they use at Fogo Island and Wander the Resort (amongst many other really luxe boutique hotels). Girl is living her best life, let me tell you. It’s so so good.

This is not sponsored, but they did gift the mattress to us and I have since specified them for a few clients because I’m instantly sold. As a thank you, they wanted to offer my readers a little gift with purchase:

If you use LARKANDLINENBED at checkout you’ll receive two complimentary pillows of your choice with the purchase of any adult mattress from the Auberge & Residential collection.