Bathroom Design Guide: How To Style A White Primary Bathroom
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Bathroom Design Guide: How To Style A White Primary Bathroom

The black and white primary bathroom has black French doors. Photo by Zio and Sons

.What Is a Primary Bathroom?

A primary bathroom is a room that is connected to the house’s primary, or largest, bedroom in a home.

A primary bathroom can also be called an en suite, master bathroom, or an attached bathroom. An ensuite primary bathroom should include something unique that the other bathrooms in the house do not have, whether that is more space, a luxurious garden tub, a built-in dressing table, a double shower, a chandelier, patterned tile, or anything else that makes it feel special, stylish, and luxurious

Black And White Bathroom Inspiration

This upstate New York bathroom is a beautiful example of designing a unique and charming black and white bathroom. A little Catskills bathroom was turned into a modern, elegant primary bath. It has a spacious shower with marble subway tiles with grey veining. The room was designed by Zio and Sons.

Modern Bathroom Vanity

The primary bathroom’s main attraction can either be the vanity or the shower/bath. The bathroom vanity contains the sink, mirror, fittings, and lighting. Proper lighting provides a pleasant environment, allowing you to feel confident and radiant.

Soho Home’s large vanity mirror in natural wood stain complements the warmth of Pottery Barn’s wide sink vanity. A matching wall sconce on either side of the vanity mirror is a stylish way to illuminate the space. Bloomingdale’s exposed bulb scones are gold to complement the brass faucet and fittings. Chirpyest can earn you up to 5% cash back at Bloomingdale’s.

White Primary Bathroom Tiles & Textures

Let’s have a look at some tiles and textures inspired by Zio and Sons work in the Catskills bathroom.

The marble slabs are an excellent way to incorporate elegant textures into your bathroom. The grey veining adds a beautiful contrast without making the space feel busy. The clients wanted a clean and crisp primary bath that has a unique charm.  If you are interested in shopping for tile, Bedrosian’s Tile & Stone offers up to 2.5% cash back with Chirpyest.

Bathroom Storage & Accessories

Last but not least, bath accessories and bathroom storage are important finishes for every bathroom. You want to feel as if you’ve walked into a spa when you enter your primary bathroom. This is the opportunity to add pops of color or playful pieces. If you’re looking to add more charm try shopping at flea markets and estate sales to discover antiques. The atmosphere of your primary bathroom should be serene, concentrated, and quiet. Aromatic hand balm, hand wash, and body cleanser are included in Asop’s Bathroom Essentials Bundle. Their Sarashina Aromatique Incense has a pleasant smell that will relax and comfort you.

Every item in your bathroom should have a place so it’s functional and it doesn’t feel cluttered. Woven baskets and drawer inserts are easy ways to get organized. The Container Store’s crates and baskets are an easy way to arrange your primary bathroom. At The Container Store, Chirpyest provides 7.5% cash back.

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