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Best Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews and Guide

Shark is, no doubt a renowned Brand in the world of the vacuum cleaner. In recent years, they have come up with advanced cordless vacuums, and have made ways to thousands of households.

In fact, the Shark cordless vacuum cleaners have been introduced with more suction power, long lasting batteries, unmatched maneuverability, stronger carpet cleaning abilities, advanced filtration systems, and what not.

If you are a fan of Shark and hence looking for the best shark cordless vacuum, then this detailed guide will help you choose the best one. We’ve done an extensive research and put all the necessary information that matter when choosing a shark cordless vacuum.

Before jumping into the detailed analysis, have a look at our top 5 choices of 2020.

Top 5 Shark Cordless Vacuum Comparison Table 2021

Best Shark Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

best shark cordless vacuum cleaner

1. Shark ION F80: Best Overall

The Shark ION F80 is our top choice for its impressive suction power and versatility. Despite being a cordless vacuum, it is super powerful to gobble the most rigid debris one can think of.

Moreover, its brush roll has been designed in such a manner that it effectively removes fine dust and large debris from carpets and hard floors in no time. On top of that, the dual brushroll design also makes it one of the best vacuum for tile floors available today.

Since Shark ION F80 is bagless, it makes use of the bin to preserve the vacuumed dirt. The procedure to empty the dust cup is also quite easy and effortless as a button needs to be pressed for releasing the lid. What is also impressive is its filtration efficiency as it uses washable filters made of foam. Since the filters are washable, you won’t have to pay extra money for replacing them.

No worri
es regarding cleaning under furniture as it comes equipped with multiflex wand feature, that makes it so effortless in reaching those difficult corners of your bed and wardrobe. Above floor cleaning is also a pleasure with this unit as, it can be transformed into a hand vacuum to clean the crevices between your counter and refrigerator.

Talking about its input power, it is powered by a 25.2 V lithium-ion battery. Moreover, it brings on two chargeable batteries offering you extended run time. And the battery takes approximately 3.5 hours to reach a full charge.

One of its good sides is that it is extremely portable as it weighs around 9 lbs. So, if you are planning to carry it from one room to another, Shark ION F80 will never leave you annoyed.

When it comes to product reviews, reviewers found this unit very effective on bare floors as its run time is longer than 60 minutes. However, they also note that, this cordless stick vacuum has limited run time (30 mins for each battery) on carpet cleaning as it’s boost option sucks battery life. So, if you own a wall to wall carpet home, you may need to replace the battery frequently during the deep carpet cleaning session.

Shark Ion F80: Performance and Test Results:

  • Comes with 2 chargeable batteries.
  • Converts into a handheld vacuum.
  • Very effective on hard floors.
  • Poor performance on carpet floors.

If you are looking for a cordless stick vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, the Shark ION F80 will be a great option to consider. Its secure grip and user-friendliness make it a smart pick for homeowners.

2. Shark ION P50: Best For Allergy Sufferers

If you’re looking for a cordless vacuum with anti allergen technology, this is it. Its Anti-Allergen technology with Hepa filter secures the filtration system and makes it so efficient, purifying the environment completely. This technology proves to be perfect for those who are sensitive to allergies. (For more vacuum that comes with Hepa filtration technology, take a look at the best Hepa vacuum cleaner

The detachable floor nozzle comprises a bristle brush that will undergo deep clean carpeting more than what you have imagined. Even it can maneuvers so smoothly on carpets and hardwood floors. Plus, it has a built-in headlights that allow you to clean darker rooms or corner effortlessly.

Its flexible design allows you to get three versatile cleaning modes in a single unit. So, it’s the Lift-away mechanism that enables such versatile cleaning modes. Removing the handle from the main base is also quite easy. 

Moreover, the control panel and power buttons are close to the handle. Meaning that you can easily access them with your thumb while vacuuming.

What users have loved about it is its powerful cordless abilities that are complemented by a Lithium-Ion battery. Although the run time of this battery is not surprising, we think this is pretty good. The battery is replaceable meaning that you can buy a new one for increasing your vacuuming period.

The dust cup capacity of this vacuum is not so large still it can hold a good volume of debris that is almost 2X of Shark ION F80.

Compact in design, it weighs around 12 pounds and feels a bit heavy. However, what makes it easier to carry without putting weight on your hands is its Lift-Away technology. Having the canister off the handle makes the vacuum much lighter.

  • Versatile cleaning modes( incl. handheld)

Shark ION P50 is no doubt a worthy vacuum cleaner to consider for its ability to glide flexibly on various types of floors. It is quiet and does not bring tantrums in its cleaning process.

3. Shark Navigator SV1106: Best For Pet Hair

If you had a disheartening experience with your previous vacuum cleaner while making it move on different floors, the Shark Navigator SV1106 will keep all your disappointments at bay. 

With an exceptional suction power and maneuverability, it works wonders on not only carpets but also bare floors. Although the operational time exists for a bit less than twenty minutes, the cleaning it does during this period is fabulous. Even when it comes to turning on the machine, the foot-switch needs to be switched on, and this takes no effort at all.

Being a complete floor cleaner, it comes powered by a nickel-metal hydride battery that can also be replaced when required. On the other hand, it uses a couple of filters with one resting at the top and the other at the bottom. The filters are washable.

As far as the carpet performance is concerned, it’s pretty good. However, it might struggle on the thicker ones. But when tested on a medium pile carpet, it takes up bits and pieces with ease.

A major concern among homeowners is whether their furniture will be able to get rid of those pet hairs. Shark Navigator SV1106 here too will keep up its impression owing to its motorized brush that is powerful enough to remove tiniest of hairs from the floors and furniture. Also, it’s quite easy to
push and clean as it comes equipped with swivel steering.

According to Consumer Reports, Shark Navigator SV1106 is the best stick vacuum for pet hair.

Weighing around a little under 8lbs, it is not at all heavy and cleaning with seem to be painless.

  • Efficiently removes pet hair.
  • Suck larger debris efficiently.
  • Position of power buttons.

Being one of the best stick vacuum cleaners, Shark Navigator SV1106 is a perfect choice for the people who are looking for a lightweight cordless vacuum for hardwood floors. It is also great for small to medium-sized homes with not so long battery life.

4. Shark IONFlex IF251: Best 2-in-1 Model

Shark cordless vacuums have been bringing pleasant surprises for quite some years, and this time too it has proved its consistency with a 2-in-1 model, the Shark IONFlex IF251. You can get both a handheld and stick vacuum with this model.

The first and the most promising feature that should be talked about here is its DuoClean technology. With an exclusive blend of a soft roller and a bristle brush, it can clean fine dust as well as particles of varying sizes on floors and carpets. 

Moreover, It comes with two removable batteries which take 3 hours to charge up fully. And the good thing is, you can charge the battery without removing it from the vacuum. So, while you are busy cleaning the dirtiest and the most complex corners of your room, one battery would stay charged without bothering you. 

The Upright mode, too, is quite helpful as it lets you switch from carpets to floors without taking the effort to lift it. Even the multiflex technology enables you to bend the wand easily to make you reach hard-to-reach sections, especially under the furniture.

The Shark IONFlex IF251 is also incredible in reaching those odd corners and shelves apart from the floors. Its Flex2X mechanism makes it possible to transform into a handheld vacuum so that the cleaning can be done with zero effort. For those looking forward even to clean up dark places, this vacuum cleaner will be a smart pick, as it’s equipped with a headlight.

  • 2 rechargeable batteries.
  • Can be used as a hand vacuum.
  • Easy to carry and maneuver.
  • The grip seemed uncomfortable.
  • Not efficient at cleaning tight spaces.

Shark IONFlex IF251 is among the toughest competitors for vacuum cleaning as it packs some really awesome features. Be its LED headlamps, customizable extension wand or DuoClean brushroll, each and every feature makes this model worthy for households.

5. Shark DuoClean IF201: Best Multi Surface

Shark once again has unveiled a brilliant display of technology blended with convenience for all those who are in search of advanced multi-surface cleaning systems. The Shark IONFlex IF201 steps in with an amazing set of features that make it worthy to lay hands upon. 

Starting with its construction, it has a nice built and is quite light in weight. The attachments provided are quite flexible in connecting each other. What users have also liked about this model is its battery location that is right in front of the grip, which makes you detect as to when it is getting heated up.

Powered by a rechargeable 25.2 V lithium-ion battery, it runs for a decent duration of 40 minutes at a low setting and 25 minutes at high. And it takes about 2 hours for the battery to charge fully.

As far as carpet cleaning is concerned, shark duoclean cordless vacuum comes with a rear brush roll having firm bristles that result in deep cleaning with perfection. Even if you have a pet at home, it would remove all those unwanted pet hairs and make your ambiance cleaner and healthier. So, what plays the key role here is the DuoClean technology that pulls in the larger particles and lends your floors a polished look.

What makes Shark IONFlex IF201 deserve a big round of applause is its 2-in-1 handheld feature, allowing it to clean the shelves and difficult wall corners without any problem. The Flex mechanism is simply magical in letting it bend so well under furniture that you will never have to bend in order to do the cleaning.

The attachments included are a duster crevice tool, anti-allergen dust brush, wide upholstery tool, battery, and charger.

  • Narrow vacuuming head for cleaning steers.
  • Comes with many useful accessories.
  • Extra batteries are expensive.

Shark IONFlex IF201 deserves a warm welcome to any household where it will do a fantastic job of keeping the environment cleaner. Feature-rich and lightweight, this vacuum cleaner gets a tick for recommendation everywhere.

Advantages of Using a Cordless Vacuum:

Imagine using a long corded vacuum cleaner that makes the power outlet area messy. Instead, if you can use a cleaner with no wires at all, life would seem so peaceful. Just put on the batteries and there you go. In this respect, a cordless vacuum is far more advantageous as it scores high in multiple areas over the corded cleaners.

So, let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of using a cordless vacuum cleaner over a corded one

Moves faster:

Navigating a cordless vacuum cleaner becomes easy in comparison to a corded one. Therefore, it becomes convenient to make cordless models move speedily. The more the wires, the higher the chance of getting entangled.

Much safer:

Where there are wires and power outlets, the chances of short circuits are high. Even if the place is a bit crowded, the cables are often stamped and this leads to further complications. But with no wires, there is hardly any possibility of a mishap.

Quite flexible:

Vacuum cleaners with wires are always heavier to carry. The cordless models, however, are easy to lift  and can be moved from one corner to the other. Moreover, they can be stored in the cupboard or by hanging on the wall.

Makes no noise:

Battery operated vacuum cleaners are devoid of noise. This is a big reason why most hotels, restaurants, and hospitals use battery operated vacuum cleaners so that people around do not get annoyed.

Easy to reach anywhere:

Shark cordless vacuum cleaners are best in digging out particles from the hardest of corners. In other words, these battery-operated cleaners can reach almost any area for cleaning.

Best Shark Cordless Vacuum: Buying Guide

One of the best ways to clean a room is to take help of a good vacuum cleaner that has a strong suction as well as an ability to move on diverse surfaces. In this respect, the Shark vacuum cleaners are just outstanding as these are sleeker and can maneuver smoothly.

However, some users find it a bit confusing in choosing the right model that would perfectly meet the cleaning needs. Whether one prefers cleaning windows and high ceilings or furniture and carpets regularly, one should accordingly pick the right model to get the job done.

So, if you are about to make a deal for a Shark cordless vacuum cleaner, here are a few factors to be kept in mind. Take a look:

Deciding the type of model: Stick vs Handheld

People usually stay perplexed whether to choose a handheld or stick vacuum cleaner among the Shark models. Where stick vacuum cleaners come with an extended pole and a cleaning head to clean hard floors, carpets, stairs etc. Handheld vacuum vacuum cleaners are usually light in weight and great for cleaning chair, sofas and hard to reach areas. However, there’re some hybrid models available in the market those convert from a stick to handheld unit.

Choosing between
a bagged and bagless Unit:

While buying a Shark model, a factor that, of course needs consideration is whether to opt for a bag or bagless vacuum cleaner. The most significant advantage with a Shark bagged cleaner is that it will be able to hold more dirt and dust. So you can go longer without changing the bag. Most bagged models come with Hepa filter that capture 99% of allergens and make clean up dust free. The drawback of this type is that, you’ve to buy new bags continuously.

With a bagless model, however, the expenses of buying replacement bags will be saved. The bagless units come with reusable dust cup which is easy to use and even washable.

Ensuring lighter weight:

There is nothing like what shark vacuum cleaners assure in terms of weight. You will always want your vacuum cleaner to be lightweight, and a Shark vacuum cleaner is just the same. Homeowners who have limited space for storing vacuum cleaners will prefer going for the Shark models. However, not all models are portable, and one should, therefore, ensure that the cleaner is not that heavy.

Testing the noise level:

This is a factor that makes it a bit challenging for homeowners to decide. Well, the wisest way one can know whether a vacuum cleaner is noisy or not is to check the reviews and find out what the existing users are saying about the model. Remember, the more silent a vacuum cleaner is, the more pleasant the cleaning.

Determining the suction power:

Suction is everything a vacuum cleaner needs to give out the best cleaning results. Models with excellent suction power are mostly picked up by people. But the trick is to ensure how the available suction power is going to prove beneficial for cleaning hard floors and carpets. In this respect, you can always get an idea from those who are well experienced with vacuum cleaners.

Keeping all these factors in mind, it would now be painless for you to choose the right shark vacuum cleaner and accomplish all cleaning tasks with perfection.

So, this the end of best shark cordless vacuum reviews. Whether you talk about their filtration, input power, dirt capacity, cleaning mechanism or maneuverability, these vacuums simply stand out and make it so easy for you to clean the areas you had never thought you would have able to. The prices vary as per the features, which, of course, would depend on your cleaning needs. Just make sure you are paying the right price for the right model.