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Colour Rescue: Living Room Makeover at the Lake

If you have a stunning view, it makes sense to maximize it when laying out the room. This week we look at some specific challenges when decorating a room with a view.

This weeks makeover is for my good friend Gail and her husband Casey. They built their lakeside retirement home in Cultus Lake with this spectacular view. After she purchased new sofas for the living room, she got stuck on how to finish and decorate the room.

Dock view

How to decorate a room with a view

Here’s how it looked when they moved in.

Living room before

And here are her new sofas (below). The reason Gail chose two sofas (instead of a sofa and two chairs) was because she wanted to block the view of the patio furniture located directly outside the windows.

She specifically expressed that she didn’t want drapery because she didn’t want to block the view in any way. However they have roller shades for privacy in the evenings.

The other thing that bothered her was how heavy this side of the room felt.

Living room before

She worried that the fireplace should have been positioned on the right of the room instead of the left (see below) because it didn’t feel like it was part of the living room.  

And she didn’t know what to do with the bowling alley size walkway to their back patio.

Dining Room before

Here’s a sneak peek.

I know you might be wondering why she agreed to have art installed in between the two windows (since she didn’t want drapery to block the view) but you’ll have to watch the video to find out how and why it all went down like it did. 

Art in front of window

This entire space was transformed in a weekend. We shopped on Saturday afternoon, and it took a couple hours on Sunday to install everything.

Mini Kitchen Styling

PS. I also styled the kitchen before I left.  Here’s a look at the before:

Kitchen before

And, here’s the after:

Kitchen styling

Colour Rescue: Lake Inspired Living Room Magic

This is a great episode demonstrating how to tackle some of the specific decorating challenges of styling a room with a stunning view and multiple focal points.

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