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Coming Home To Roost – JENRON DESIGNS

Adding a spooky Halloween themed nesting table, has everyone coming home to roost!

If you saw our Halloween Birds theme front porch you are going to just love the matching tablescape, Coming Home To Roost! Honestly it does not get any creepier than dining among all the birds and their nest by candlelight. Not only is it a huge fire hazard but the eyes are watching you the entire time.

We carried the birds theme inside our home I thought it would be fun to do a nesting dinner party theme, and set the table accordingly. I wanted to give you the ambient feeling of what the candles would look like lite for a dinner but for the sake of actually seeing the room. I decided to do a daytime photo shoot so the details could be viewed easily.
The entire idea of this table is to create the feeling of the birds coming home to roost. The table is given a very organic feeling withs stems of faux wheat and rye to simulate pine straw, and I utilized grapevine wreaths in lieu of plate chargers.   You may remember my recent fall DIY the Lucky Penny Table Runner  which we plan to use for the remainder of the fall season. I added a few striped black and white placemats in to add more of a Halloween touch to the table, and some fun Halloween Gift Crackers.  The thermal copper mule cups are the perfect choice for this table setting. Not only do they look great and go with our rose gold and copper seasonal theme, but since they are insulated they will keep any drink hot or cold, all night long. These babies are truly the Cadillac of copper mugs, since they are thermal insulated they do not require those gold handles you so often see on traditional mule mugs. I don’t know about you, but I rather like the sleeker look on this version.  I have a great fall mule recipe coming up in a few weeks to share with you that is perfect for all your holiday entertaining and gatherings. 

Alright, enough about my mugs, let me draw your eyes to my feat of engineering in the center of the table where I have created a floating, yes floating, birds nest. Just to make conversation among the nests a little easier, and you can still pass things about between your guests. I reused all of the faux pumpkins from the previous fall table and added in these fun Gremlin gourds that were available at Burt’s Pumpkin Patch this year. I just felt like they looked like monsters from the garden. Again one of the biggest tips I can provide you with is to mix faux, dried and live florals it will keep your guests guessing what is real and what is not.I continued the nesting theme over to sideboard as well, just to create a full back drop for the guests in the center of the room, so there is a total immersion feeling. I guess I need to warn my diners that if they have Ornithophobia, or a fear of birds, they may want to skip this one, lol.I really loved that I was able to use the copper pots again on the sideboard. By adding in this reedy grass with feathers and sticks, it added a touch of spookiness to the side board.  All I need to do is just add some dry ice to the pots for the smokey effect the night of and we will have a mystical setting.

Here is one last picture of the birds sitting on the Gremlin gourds and Pokemon pumpkins. Again these were both varieties that were available at my local pumpkin patch; which I thought screamed Halloween when I saw them. PIN ME for later and be sure to follow us on Pinterest at Jen @ JENRON DESIGN

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