Cozze Pizza Oven Launches New Models in Australia
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Cozze Pizza Oven Launches New Models in Australia

Just in time for summer, Cozze has introduced a series of new pizza oven models in Australia! The Cozze Pizza Oven is now available in a 17″ gas option and a 13″ electric option, while their introductory 13″ gas model has also seen an upgrade, providing greater flexibility when cooking delicious pizzas at home.

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All three of these stylish pizza ovens are supplied with a solid LFGB-Approved cordierite pizza stone, ensuring a delightfully crisp base on your homemade pizza. The pizza stone is ready to use after a twenty minute heat up time and once pre-heated, each pizza will only take two minutes to cook, taking at home pizza parties to the next level! The 13” models can cook a 34-centimetre diameter pizza, while the 17” can fit 42-centimetre diameter pizzas, ensuring the perfect cooking solution to meet a variety of needs.

Similar to a traditional gas BBQ, the gas powered Cozze Pizza Oven will easily connect to a gas cylinder while the electrical model can simply be plugged into a power outlet. Offering versatile cooking solutions, these pizza ovens can also be used for cooking up tortillas, flatbread, calzones and other delicacies. the cast iron reversible grill and griddle accessories make cooking meats simple, allowing for a complete outdoor cooking experience with the one luxurious appliance.

Cozze Pizza Oven Launches New Models in Australia

Made with anti-rust lacquered zinc-plated steel, the Cozze pizza oven’s range of accessories include: a pizza paddle, pizza cutter, infrared thermometer, outdoor table stand and a pizza oven cover. Accessories are sold separately, allowing you to choose the most suitable options to best suit your own unique cooking style.

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