Cultivating a Thankful Heart in Your Home

Cultivating a Thankful Heart in Your Home

The Essence of Gratitude

Gratitude transcends mere words of thank-yous. 

Gratitude is a profound appreciation for life’s blessings. 

From the monumental moments of marriage, starting a family or seeing a loved one celebrate a milestone of their own, to the merely mundane moments of cooking dinner or organizing the garage — there is gratitude for the keeping in all of it.

It might be holding onto the comforting embrace of a loved one, cherishing the serene moments of a snowfall, or the joy in a child’s laughter. No matter what, life offers countless moments for gratitude.

Or, if you’re like Sherri, the deepest moments of gratitude come to life when everyone else is sleeping + the house is quiet.

Regardless, recognizing and cherishing these moments can profoundly impact our well-being. If we let them permeate our consciousness, our gratitude can shift our entire perspective. It can, and will, turn challenges into opportunities to learn from our experiences, and ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Harnessing Gratitude for Deepened Self-Love

Our relationship with ourselves is the cornerstone of our overall well-being. But how do we harness gratitude for ourselves? Below are several strategies, we recommend to really begin to embrace gratitude within self.


Celebrate your journey, your milestones, and even your setbacks. They’ve shaped you. You are exactly where you’re meant to be (especially if you’re reading this) *wink*

Mindful Space In Your Home

One of the beautiful things about having a home is that it should be uniquely yours. So your home should have a corner dedicated to moments of introspection. 

This might be a cozy reading nook, a calm meditation space, or simply a corner filled with art supplies. Either way, it’s essential to have a space that allows you to connect with yourself.

Cultivating Gratitude with Your Life Partner

Relationships thrive on understanding, love, and appreciation. We’re human beings + we all make mistakes, but if each person in your relationship (including yourself) knows that behind all of the day-to-day, behind all the communication or miscommunication, behind all the unseen or overlooked things, you’re grateful for one another — then all it takes in the midst of the hustle + bustle of life is gratitude for the other person.

Here are several strategies for embracing a strong sense of gratitude with each other.

Daily Rituals

Sharing moments of gratitude can foster deeper connections. John and Sherri are a great example of this because they begin each day 1:1 together. Those moments when the house is whisper quiet, where the kids are still in bed + your phone isn’t ringing, are all about recognizing and appreciating the little things that make your relationship strong + unique.

Gratitude Notes

A heartfelt note left on the fridge, a message scribbled on the bathroom mirror, or a simple text or voice message can make a world of difference in your relationship. It may sound simple but it’s elegant *wink* and it’s in the moments that are so often overlooked that real gratitude lives. It’s in the stopping + thinking of the other in the middle of your day. 

Shared Activities 

Engaging in activities, be it gardening, cooking, or organizing *wink* not only creates memories together but offers opportunities to appreciate that you care about one another.