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Factors Impacting the Cost of Residential Metal Roofing

When it comes to interviewing metal roofing contractors, one of the questions homeowners have is what the cost of the project will be.  Many elements factor into the cost of a new roof which is why quotes can vary between contractors.

It’s wise to ask for an itemized bid so that when you are comparing roof replacement costs, you’re truly comparing apples to apples.  Below are aspects that contractors must consider prior to producing an accurate metal roofing quote.
Metal roof on a single-story home

Size of Roof

The surface area of your roof impacts the amount of material needed to re-roof.  It also factors in labor costs, because the larger a roof is, the more time installation will take.  However, just because your roof has the same amount of squares as a neighbor’s roof doesn’t mean the contractor can bid your roof sight unseen.

Roof Shape

Dormers, skylights, sun tunnels, and rigid angles all increase installation times.  This can quickly equate to additional labor charges.
Metal roof on a home with blue siding

Roof Pitch

The steeper your roof is, the more labor intensive replacement is.  This requires additional equipment in order to ensure the safety of the installers.  This all adds to the bottom line.

Additional Roof Features

Adding or working around skylights or sun tunnels, chimneys, and roof vents require supplementary materials and time.

Type of Metal Roof

Even if you’ve committed to steel roofing, there can still be a variance in pricing.  That’s because steel roofing comes in several gauges.  The higher the gauge, the lower the thickness.  Thickness is a major contributor to the roof’s lifespan and ability to withstand hail.  Don’t cheap out on this area.
metal roof aerial shot

Metal Roof Installation Process Used

In an effort to conserve costs, some contractors are willing to forego shingle tear-off and simply install a new roof over an old one.  While permissible in some municipalities, this approach forfeits the ability to inspect a roof deck for rot and adds unnecessary weight to your home’s foundation, leaving it vulnerable to cracking.

Permits Costs & Insurance

Although a permit does add to a project cost, failing to pull a permit on a project that required one can result in forced removal, insurance issues, and create problems should you ever choose to sell your home.

Be wary of any contractor that dances around the question of whether or not they’ll be pulling a permit for your project.  Some contractors cut corners on their insurance policy or skip them altogether in order to lower their operational costs.

This penny wise and pound foolish approach puts homeowners at risk. In this situation, a worker that’s injured on the job could go after the homeowner for medical costs and lost wages due to injury.

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