Helpful Tips For Creating a Luxurious Bathroom on a Budget

Are you preparing to create a luxurious bathroom for your home with a limited budget? Completing bathroom renovations in Wellesley doesn’t have to be a costly affair. In fact, a bathroom remodel in Massachusetts can provide the luxurious environment you want without overspending. The following tips will help you design the perfect bathroom while staying within your budget.

Consider a Walk-in Shower


Unless you have small children, a bathtub isn’t the most appealing aspect of your bathroom. Remodeling services in Wellesley, MA, often recommend eliminating the bathtub altogether unless you want to install a luxury spa tub, which may be outside your budget. Instead, consider swapping your bathtub for a luxurious walk-in shower. These showers offer the ultimate experience on a more limited budget. 


Upgrade Your Vanity


Your bathroom’s vanity is one of the first things people notice and often sets the tone for the room. If you want to improve your bathrooms’ look and feel, consider replacing the vanity. A simple vanity upgrade can add a more luxurious feel to your bathroom and provide all the features you want. Consider the amount of storage you want and the overall style to enhance the other features in your bathroom. A double vanity may be just what you need to improve your existing space.


Install Large Mirrors


Bathroom renovations don't have to be costly.

Complete these cost-effective bathroom renovations.

The key to making your bathroom look and feel more luxurious is creating a more spacious environment. While you may be limited to the current footprint of your bathroom, installing large mirrors as part of your bathroom renovations in Wellesley can be an excellent way to make the room feel much larger than it is. With this extra spacious feel, you can give the illusion of a more luxurious bathroom without spending significant money.


Choose Large Subway Tiles


Subway tiles can be an excellent alternative when you can’t afford to use marble tiles in your bathroom remodel in Massachusetts. These large tiles can make your bathroom feel larger and give it a more elegant feel without the significant cost of marble and other natural stones. Your remodeling contractors can recommend the appropriate grout and accent features to make your tiles pop and ensure your bathroom has the ambiance you want.


Keep It Light


Another method for creating a luxury bathroom with your remodeling services in Wellesley, MA, without the high price tag is to paint the room in a light color. By choosing a lighter shade, you can make the bathroom feel more elegant and ensure it feels spacious, no matter its size. Consider keeping all features light to create a cohesive space that feels like a luxury spa.


Choose the Right Fixtures


The fixtures you choose significantly impact the overall aesthetics of your bathroom space. For instance, gold fixtures can lend an elegant feel to the room without a high price tag. Your remodeling contractors will work with you to choose beautiful fixtures that fit within your budget.


If you’re looking for the perfect way to create a luxury bathroom at a lower price, contact us. Our remodeling services will give you the bathroom you always wanted for a reasonable cost.