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How This Steel Towel Rack Instantly Decluttered a Tiny Bathroom

Being the denizen of a tiny, windowless half-bathroom that’s earned the nickname “the dungeon” comes with one big responsibility: namely, wielding my decorative powers to transform it into a haven of restoration and peace that no longer resembles a dusty utility room that doubles as a temporary hideaway for scary movie characters.

I finally released my resistance to the process of home improvement and stopped tiptoeing around my petite bathroom in fear of knocking over toiletries, cleaning supplies, and beauty products (a glass bottle of moisturizer was one of many casualties). A pink checkered bath mat made it feel a little more alive, but even after I stashed a bunch of stuff in my medicine cabinet and beneath the sink, there still wasn’t an efficient and attractive way to store my towels. Two small racks just didn’t cut it, and those cutesy rattan baskets take up too much floor space in the dungeon so I decided to give the Yamazaki Home Rolling Towel Rack a chance to address this issue. 

Yamazaki Home Rolling Towel Rack

The towel rack comes in black and white and is made of a BPA-free material can be cleaned with a cloth. I initially scoffed at the $88 price, but a quick search revealed similarly priced alternatives along with far more expensive models, neither of which have wheels (rude). 

A one-person job

Assembling the rack was a breeze. I panic over putting anything together no matter how small, so I (unnecessarily) called on my roommate, who unboxed it while I stalled, and assured me that my fears were unwarranted. A diagram clearly guided me through the process, which required no tools and took less than 10 minutes to complete. The hardest part was assembling the shelves—I recommend starting with the bottom portion because it’s easier to balance and align it with the frame. 

This is how it rolls…and holds 

 Initially, I thought the towel rack might be too flimsy; it feels lighter than its slim, 9.26 lb. frame suggests. Fortunately, it has yet to buckle under the weight of my super heavy, plush bath towels that occupy the top rack. The bottom rack remains a steady supporter of two large containers of bathroom cleaner, spare toilet paper rolls, and a medium size makeup storage case. There’s also a pair of small hooks on the end of the top shelf that have worked wonderfully for hanging wash cloths, cleaning tools, ponytail holders, head wraps, and other miscellaneous items. 

Now, for the wheels. They propelled the lightweight frame smoothly and quietly on tile and hardwood flooring, an observation I made while giving the rack a couple of test runs throughout the house. 

What it is, and what it’s not

If you want an ornate bathroom rack that will win over folks with its looks, this one likely won’t suit you. However, fans of Yamazaki Home’s products (me) appreciate their penchant for clean, minimalist yet highly functional designs that are the furthest thing from fussy. I have minor concerns about the metal, which is prone to scuffing. Otherwise, the slim profile sits flush and steady against my bathroom wall, sufficiently storing what I need it to and helping the space feel less like a hideout and more like a space I actually don’t mind hanging out and relaxing in. 

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