How To Get Gatorade Stains Out Of Carpets?
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How To Get Gatorade Stains Out Of Carpets?

Get Gatorade Stains Out Of Carpet

Gatorade stains can be frustrating and tough to deal with. Especially if you have light colored carpets, they can be particularly vulnerable to Gatorade stains. 

After a while, these types of stains can become permanent and can be very unsightly on your carpet, compelling you to purchase new ones.

If you want to know how to get gatorade stains out of carpet,  you’re on the right place. There are various methods for safely and effectively removing those spots. You don’t need fancy gadgets; everyday household items will do the trick.

What Are Gatorade Stains?

Gatorade is a hydrating and tasty drink that’s full of electrolytes. However, they are also loaded with a lot of coloring, and if you spill them over your clothes, upholstery or carpet, they can be a nightmare to deal with. 

Red Gatorade stains are particularly tough to eliminate. If they become permanent, you’ll have to purchase new carpets. If you want to treat Gatorade stains, it’s essential that you use the right cleaners, or you’ll end up causing even more damage to your carpets.

How To Get Gatorade Stains Out Of Carpets?

Whether you’ve got freshly spilled Gatorade stains on your carpets or stubborn old ones, this article has got you covered. Ensure that you follow the instructions to a T and don’t over clean the stained area.

Removing Freshly Spilled Gatorade Stains From Your Carpets:

As soon as you spill some Gatorade on your carpets, it’s critical that you remove them as soon as possible so that the drink doesn’t seep into the carpet. Soak up the Gatorade drink using some paper towels. 

Don’t scrub the area aggressively; instead, try to blot the area as best as you can.

After that, mix ½ a teaspoon of mild liquid dish washing detergent to a cup of warm water and stir it well. Avoid using laundry or dishwasher detergent as they can be too aggressive and leave behind residues. After that, apply the mixture over the stained area with a clean white cloth. 

Its recommended that you start cleaning from the outside of the Gatorade stain and work yourself in. Make sure that you don’t spread the stain to other parts of the carpet.

Not Removed Yet? Don’t worry. Follow the Instructions Below:

If you still notice some stains, you can try a stronger approach. Mix 1 cup of vinegar to 2 cups in a bucket and stir the mixture vigorously. Apply the solution over the stained area and scrub it gently using a white cloth or a soft brush. 

If the vinegar solution isn’t able to get off the stains, you can mix a tablespoon of ammonia with 1 cup of water. Apply the mixture over the affected area and blot gently. 

However, ammonia can lighten some carpets, so its best that you do a patch test first before applying it to a larger area.

After the Gatorade stain is no longer visible, you can rinse the carpet by applying cold water directly over the affected area. Ensure that you blot up any leftover moisture residue.

Removing Old Gatorade Stains From Carpets

If your stain is old, it’ll certainly be a lot tougher to remove. As such, you’ll have to resort to a stronger method. When you’re cleaning your carpet, you must prevent as much damage as possible. For this, you might want to invest in a good stain remover for carpets. 

Before you apply it, its best, you do a patch test first. Do it in less visible areas, and if there’s no change, you can continue on.

Coat the stained area with the remover and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Using a damp cloth or paper towel, blot the stained area. Repeat the process as needed. 

Generally, you’ll have to repeat multiple rounds before the stain completely lifts off. After you’re done, bloat the area, let it dry, and you can vacuum afterward.

If the above-mentioned method doesn’t work, you can try removing it with hydrogen peroxide which is most effective for removing carpet stain.

use steam iron for carpet cleaning

You can use a steam iron for carpet spot cleaning.

Firstly, soak the white towel with water. After that, apply the hydrogen peroxide over the stained area and put the white towel on top of the affected area. Turn your iron and ensure that it’s on the ‘cotton’ setting. Place your iron over the white towel and wait for about 30-60 seconds. 

You’ll notice the white towel soaking up the stains. Make sure you’re monitoring the iron at all times as it can end up burning your carpet. It’s important not to rush the cleaning process by increasing the temperature or pressing the iron-hard as it can damage or discolor your carpet. 

If your stain is particularly very large, focus on one small area before going to the next. After you’re done, blot with a clean cloth and let the area dry off completely. You might need to repeat the process a couple of times before the stain is completely removed.

Few Precautions While Cleaning Your Carpet:

Carpets aren’t high maintenance, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need proper care. Here are some must-follow precautions to clean and maintain your carpets so that they’ll grace your home for a long time.

  • As soon as there’s a spill, you must clean it immediately to prevent permanent damages.
  • Place doormats. Its an inexpensive and simple method of preventing unwanted particles from entering your home and spoiling your carpets.
  • Pay special attention to high traffic areas and vacuum these areas routinely in a crisscross pattern.
  • Don’t
    over-shampoo or over-wet your carpets as it’ll instead make it more prone to dirt, and increase the chances of mold and mildew. We highly recommend to use a nice portable carpet shampooer for the best result.
  • If you’re going to use a stain remover or chemical cleaner, make sure they are compatible with carpets and always do a patch test. Some can be too aggressive and may lighten your carpets.


This brings us to the end of our ultimate guide on removing Gatorade stains from carpets. With the above-mentioned tips, you can safely and effectively remove unsightly stains from your carpets. Clean your carpets regularly and follow necessary precautions; it’ll go a long way of preserving your carpets.