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Introducing the Pantone Color for Fall 2023: Kate Spade Green

What if we told you that fashion greatly affects your mental health? The ideal opportunity to opt for a bright, positive, and dynamic shade as the cold months return. Identity card, history, meaning, fashion, and cultural impact, all about the “new” Pantone fall 2023 color which is not new, but which promises to be a flagship element of life and style this season!

Pantone Fall Color 2023: We’re Going Green for the 30th Anniversary of Kate Spade New York!

To celebrate its 30th anniversary on the fashion scene, the New York brand Kate Spade offers us, in collaboration with Pantone, a playful, positive, and elegant color. In fact, the Kate Spade Green shade is not new. This is the star color of the New York brand, which was created in 1993 with the launch of the iconic Sam handbag in salad green. The result? This emblematic accessory quickly transformed the famous green into a signature shade of the fashion house, at a time when black and minimalism reigned. Thirty years later, Kate Spade New York is working with Pantone specialists to make it official and bring it up to date.

As part of this collaboration, PCI is developing a new Kate Spade New York shade, faithful to the original color while incorporating the dynamism of new digital environments, says Kristen Naiman, senior vice president of the taught.

Kate Spade New York

Bright and Dynamic Kate Spade Green Identity Card

kate spade green green handbag optimistic dynamic pantone color trend 2023 fall

After Viva Magenta, an intense and deep pink chosen by Pantone this year, charcoal at Behr and orange at WGSN & Coloro, we naturally expect vibrant shades to end 2023 and begin 2024. And we must admit that the Pantone fall color, in collaboration with the New York brand Kate Spade, does not disappoint! Curious, playful, dynamic and optimistic, these are some of the characteristics of the iconic green color. Kate Spade’s idea during the 1990s to replace minimalist black with a bright green to represent the visual identity of the brand certainly bore fruit. This bold step allowed the brand to demonstrate that it is entirely possible to stand out by combining minimalism and optimism, without necessarily falling for black. An original visual identity that can be recognized from afar!


Pantone x Kate Spade Green: The Mental Impact of a Color Trend

trend fashion color pantone fall 2023 kate spade green positive impact mental health woman

The goal of the collaboration between Pantone and Kate Spade is not only to enhance your wardrobe or interior decor. It’s also about amplifying and finding a way to bring the optimistic philosophy of Kate Spade green into people’s lives by encouraging them to pause, seize every little sweet moment in everyday life and find the extraordinary in the ordinary. By revisiting its iconic color, the New York brand aims to impact, or even improve, mental health. She says that when you feel mentally well, you are able to make a positive change in both your personal life and the community.

“Our brand has always chosen to be optimistic, without denying the depth and complexity of the world. Thirty years after its creation, and we are still trying to move forward by relying on all of our experiences, on all of our clairvoyance and all of our love. “, assures Kristen Naiman before continuing, “Our green embodies all of this. When people see this green, I want them to see hope and the desire to find light in the future to come. “.

How to Wear Kate Spade Green, Voted Color of Fall 2023 by Pantone?

pantone color fall 2023 kate spade green new york fashion week sequins bag

Adopting the key color of fall 2023 according to Pantone and Kate Spade is no easy task! To avoid a fashion faux pas, take inspiration from the designer brand’s looks! Roughly fashionable, this dazzling, dynamic and hopeful shade can be worn as a monochrome look with a dress, a long coat, a pantsuit or a chic jumpsuit, as well as with simple touches from stylish accessories, such as a small handbag, a cashmere scarf, heeled pumps, etc. The ultimate fashion tip to make it your own in style? Choose a strong green piece like a knitted cardigan, a maxi skirt, a down jacket or wide-leg pants. In terms of combinations, Kate Spade green works wonderfully with pastel tones as well as pop colors, such as red and bright yellow. You can also combine it with the double denim trend or black leather clothes.

fashion trend color pantone 2023 fall kate spade green fashion week

New York Fashion Week Kate Spade fall 2023

fashion trend woman color pantone fall 2023 kate spade green

New York Fashion Week Kate Spade fall 2023

fashion week kate spade green pantone color fall 2023
fashion trend fashion week new york kate spade green pantone color fall 2023

Kate Spade green in total look

how to wear kate spade green in total look pantone color fall 2023

Kate Spade green and bright yellow 


how to wear the pantone color of fall 2023 kate spade green
how to adopt the pantone color fall 2023 kate spade green
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