iTe Products – Avoid Flooring Frights This Halloween

Halloween – an alternative take on a time of year when things supposedly rise from the earth, and go bump in the night. Learn to avoid flooring frights with the help of iTe Products.

Avoiding flooring frights

Everybody enjoys a harmless fright – especially at Halloween. However, the last thing you want is to live in a house that’s haunted by poor-quality flooring. Your new floor may look a treat when it’s first installed, but there’s a trick to achieving enduring aesthetics and quality – and that’s something that not every installer knows.

Moisture can rise from the substrate like a spectre from a crypt, and just like a zombie, it’s a lot harder to kill off if it’s not dealt with in time. Delamination of flooring finishes can lead to ugly scenes and tripping hazards – stumble over an unsafe floor and it could be you who’s going bump in the night.

To avoid your flooring project turning into a horror story that comes back to wreak havoc on innocent victims, there are three key elements you need to get right. It’s worth spending the money to get a quality floor – slash the budget and you could be left screaming.

So which factors do you need to control if you want a floor that works like a charm?


Choose quality products that are ideally suited to your circumstances. Look for a range that’s backed by extensive R&D, and which contains products that combine to form a flawless system. By choosing locally developed and manufactured products, you’re helping the local economy and empowering workers through employment and skill sharing opportunities.

iTe Products offer a complete range of substrate preparation products, including moisture barriers, plus finish-specific adhesives to ensure a lasting bond between the substrate and your chosen flooring.


A bad workman blames the fact that he’s working on top of a pet cemetery; a good workman uses iTe Tools. Designed and developed using our decades of flooring expertise, each item from our iTe Tools catalogue is fit for purpose – durable, ergonomic, and effective, it’s exactly what you need when your professional reputation is at stake.


Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. Don’t look in the mirror after midnight, and never take shortcuts – whether it’s through the dark and spooky woods, or when it comes to completing a flooring installation. Measure the substrate moisture content, follow the mixing instructions, and always allow sufficient time for curing.

iTe Products offer free advice and expertise, and regularly conduct training for installers. The bill for a professional floor may give you a fright, but believe us, it’s better than the soul-destroying experience of living with a floor that’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Trying to save a quick buck in these circumstances really can be a grave error.  


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