Liberty Pumps Sump Pump & Toilet | Reviews 2023

Liberty Pumps is one of the best companies in the United States to remove groundwater and wastewater. Their pumps feature innovative designs and high-quality materials. Liberty Pumps is best-known for some of the types of products: sump pumps, quality macerating toilet systems, sewage pumps, utility pumps, drain pumps, and more. You can use them in both residential and commercial areas. This review will outline some of the best products manufactured by this brand, including some bonus products that you should be sure to check out.

Best Liberty Pumps

Liberty SJ10 Sump Pump Water Powered ¾ Inch

As you will see throughout this article, many of the brand’s highest-rated products are sump pumps. Sump pumps work by sending water away from your house to sources such as a dry well or municipal storm drain. The purpose of this is to prevent your home from flooding and experiencing water damage. This top-rated option on our list of Liberty Pumps products can pump 2 gallons of water. It will protect your basement during a power outage and does not require the use of electricity to work. It is entirely automatic and will work right when you receive it. A completely uninterrupted water supply is needed, and how well this product performs will depend on the water source pressure.

Liberty Pumps 257 ⅓ Horse Power 1-½ Inch Discharge Cast Iron Automatic Sump Pump

This is another automatic sump pump with a magnetically operated vertical float VMF switch. It also has a 10-foot power cord and the ability to work in a sump pit that is 10 inches in diameter. The sump pump has a cast iron housing and a motor that is thermally protected. It also has a powder coat finish, a quick-connect power cord, and three different options for the switch. This sump pump will be the best option if you need to get rid of the water in your basement or if you need to do low-head effluent pumping.

Liberty Pumps 404 ⅓ HP, 115 Residential Drain Pump

According to Liberty Pumps 404 reviews, many people were pleased with the way this product operated. This low-profile drain pump that you can use if you need to install something in an area where you don’t have any gravity drain lines. In addition, the QuickTree technology included with this Liberty Pumps product will allow you to have a separate access cover if you need to inspect the switches quickly. Some of the products that you will be able to use this drain pump with will include washing machines, bar sinks, laundry tray sinks, and any other basement remodeling projects that you might be carrying out. When you receive this product in the mail, it is ready to install right from the box. There are also models of the 404 that come with alarms. It has a 1-½ inch discharge and ⅜ inch solids handling.

Liberty Pumps 287 ½ Horse Power 1-½ Inch Discharge 280 Series Automatic Sump Pump

The 287 sump pump gives you the ability to cover many different low-head and mid-range pump systems. In particular, this cast iron sump pump is meant to be used for STEP systems, liquid waste transfer, mound systems, and sump applications that require a high output level. The cast iron body provides durability and a unique look. The quick disconnect cords are available in both 10 feet and 25 feet. It is also possible that you may find 35-foot and 50-foot cords depending on where you purchase from and the individual model. This has a high output level of ½ horsepower. The motor will remain protected with the cast iron housing no matter what you intend to use this effluent pump.

Liberty Pumps 260 Discharge Submersible Utility Pump

The Liberty Pumps 260 utility pump is popular since it is both portable and lightweight. No matter whether you need to use it to remove water from flooded areas, pool covers, or other places where you will need to transfer water, this utility pump has you covered. It is completely submersible, and the motor has ⅙ horsepower, but it can pump as low as ⅛ inches. You will use this utility pump by connecting it to your garden hose. It has capabilities of 17 GPM and a maximum head of 25 feet. The discharge is ¾ inches.

Even More Options

Macerating Toilets

As mentioned, another thing Liberty Pumps is popular for is its macerating toilet systems. According to Liberty Pumps Ascent II reviews, the toilet is a 1.28 GPF high-efficiency product that can be used with a macerating system. It can pump 25 feet vertically and 150 feet horizontally if you have a 1-inch discharge pipe. It comes with RazorCut technology that will allow waste to be macerated even quicker, and you can access the service panel easily without disturbing the other plumbing. Liberty Pumps toilet reviews state that you will be able to purchase the toilets in round front or elongated shapes, and all the toilets have improved flushes and the WaterSense trademark. The tanks on these toilets are also insulated to prevent sweating. The product also comes with an alarm and LED lights for better monitoring of the system.


Liberty Pumps is a brand that is known to make plumbing much easier. As we have stated in this review, many people worldwide trust Liberty Pumps with innovative and high-quality products. Their products are relied on for personal and commercial purposes and by people both in the United States and worldwide. You’re sure to find some of the best pumping systems with Liberty Pumps.

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