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Mirrored Walls Are Making A Comeback

Photo: Kelly Marshall | Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent’s New York City family house features an old mirrored wall in the dining area.

Are Mirrored Walls Back In Style?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that the retro-style wall design is back with a modern twist. It’s about creating unique mirrored statement walls and covering a wall in a beautiful antique floor-length mirror.

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Photography by Michael Sinclair

The Benefits of Mirrored Walls

The benefits of mirrored walls include adding more depth to a room.

Mirrors on the walls can help to open up a room and give the idea of extra space in the home. Wall mirrors can also make your ceilings appear higher. Another fantastic advantage of mirrored walls is that they can help brighten up your home by allowing more natural light inside. Mirrors of any style, size, or form can provide numerous benefits.

How To Style Mirrors In Your Home?

Bounce Natural Light

Incorporate mirrors into your decor to provide the appearance of extra space. Put a round mirror in your little powder room or cover a full length wall mirror in your living room with paneling to make your space feel more grand. Mirrors can also be utilized to enlarge small areas. Place a pair of matching decorative wall mirrors side by side along the wall to make the hallway feel less cramped.

Design A Statement Wall

Making mirrors the statement piece in your home can be super easy. Reflective accents are an effortless design hack to create a statement wall in any particular space. The COCOCOZY Design House dining room has a beautiful statement wall. If Colette wanted to bounce more natural light then she can replace a few frames with mirrors.

Use a large rectangular mirror, a full length wall mirror, framed wall mirrors, or a gallery wall of decorative wall mirrors to design a statement wall that’s on trend for 2023. Place them on the most visible walls or tables to bounce extra light around the room. Pro Tip: Designing an access wall is a design hack to distract from other small imperfections of the house.

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When Did Mirror Walls Make A Comeback?

According to Better House & Garden, in early 2023, real estate agents were reporting a rise in mirror walls in current listings. Now since celebrity interior designers like Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent have shown off their unique mirror design in a recent Architectural Digest article, the home design trend looks like it will continue to be on the rise for the duration of the year. However, many designers and home design enthusiasts are putting their own twist on the trend. They’re incorporating vintage mirrors and custom-design wall layouts for a more modern look.