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Personalized Cleaning Routine for an Organized Space

Maintaining a home is not an easy task. The never-ending process of cleaning your home is one of the challenging aspects of managing your house. In dealing with this chore, it is essential to achieve an organized space. In order to attain an organized space one should develop a routine in cleaning. 

There are standard protocols where you can follow in establishing a cleaning routine. However, if you are one of those who struggle in following a premade cleaning routine then it advisable to create a personalized house cleaning routine for an organized space.

Here we will dwell in the process of creating a personalized cleaning routine in order to achieve an organized environment in your home.

Assessing your Living Space

In establishing a proper personalized cleaning routine, one must first perform an assessment on the weight of the task in dealing with the clutter you have. Identifying the areas where you need to prioritize in organizing is important, this will help you determine what area needs the most attention to.

If you are still starting to organize your space, performing an initial assessment will assist you in creating an inventory of your belongings, if there are things where you need to declutter or place in your storage.

Assessing your living space will also enable you to identify your cleaning preferences and understand more the habits that will help or challenge you in your routine. Part of assessing the living space will also create an avenue for you to devise a plan on what to do in certain areas.

Setting Goals

Aside from performing an assessment is to set your goals, on what outcome you will be expecting. Organizing a living space is not just an overnight task, it requires a significant amount of time to establish  the routine you are planning to have.

In setting a goal, it does not require that the goal should be a big one. Small goals are also important where they can be achieved within the day. Start your way through the smaller achievements in reaching the ultimate goal of your personalized cleaning routine.

Designing your Cleaning Routine

Achieving a personalized cleaning routine requires one to design it by himself or herself. There are a few factors where you should consider in designing your routine. One the most important one is to design your cleaning routine based on your lifestyle. If it happens that you have full-time work, then you should consider your work schedule and workload in designing your cleaning routine.

Allocating or dividing your cleaning routine is also important. Part of your design for your cleaning routine is to consider what tasks should be done daily, weekly, or monthly. In this manner you will be able to efficiently perform your cleaning routine. Also, you may need to consider that there will be a time where material things will start to accumulate. Thus, it is important to include a decluttering session.

Learning Cleaning Techniques

In having a personalized cleaning routine, it can be confusing and taxing if you are still a beginner. Cleaning techniques are ways of performing cleaning methods in an efficient manner, some techniques are designed to enable one to lessen the time spent in certain tasks.

In the list of tasks for your cleaning routine, it is important to choose a suitable method for your space and belongings. It can also be beneficial for you to incorporate eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions, these methods can help you achieve a more healthy space or environment.

Part of learning different cleaning techniques is to utilize cleaning tools that will help you in different tasks. Cleaning tools can save you a lot of time by helping you have a more quality output in cleaning. It can also save you a lot of energy as some cleaning tools provide more power in removing dust and dirt especially in hard to reach areas.

Organizing Storage Spaces

Part of the cleaning routine is knowing where to place your belongings. Having a storage space helps you keep the temporarily unusable belongings. Toys, books, and other material things should be kept in storage. Proper storage helps you maintain orderliness; storage spaces can include your closets, cabinets and drawers.

Smart storage solutions and methods can also help such as creating an inventory on the belongings you will be storing to keep your stuff in order.


Establishing a cleaning routine is not easy, especially in designing a personalized one. It takes time to be able to get used to following a routine. However, it is never an impossible feat to achieve.

Following these steps will evidently help you achieve the personalized housekeeping routine you have always wanted. Small steps and keeping your patience at hand is very important in following this guide in attaining a personalized cleaning routine.