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So much more than just a pizza oven.

More than just a product, Avin is about family, friends and food. 

Really good food – and in this case, the creation of everyone’s favourite slice.

Founded by Etienne Terblanche many years ago, today, the proudly South African company is known not only for its high-end pizza ovens designed to bring loved ones together but also for its dedication to service excellence and quality.

“In today’s day and age, it is no secret that people don’t easily buy from a South African market as the general consensus is that South Africa cannot produce quality products, not deliver decent, never mind exceptional service. I experience this daily and I would be devastated if we ever make our customers feel that way. This in itself I knew would be a challenge and I can appreciate why some people would often be sceptical to buy from a local company and much rather import,” says Terblanche.

“Daily, we work hard to ensure we create a truly amazing customer experience and even more so, ensure that we dispatch a high-end quality product that delivers the promise of remarkable value. Some people are still shocked to this day when they realise that we build these ovens, some people truly believe I am just a reseller or that we import. It’s always nice being able to exceed the expectation.”

Engineered for heat retention of up to 600 degrees Celsius, Avin’s ovens offer incredible versatility. Whether you’re cooking bread or roasting meat, an Avin can do it all. It is also designed for greater mobility, making it perfect for any setting – indoors or outdoors.

In addition, Avin’s ovens are eco-friendly, crafted from 304 and 316 stainless steel, which translates to less maintenance and longer-lasting durability. They heat up quickly, remain warm for longer periods, and are incredibly energy-efficient, saving on wood and other resources.

It also turns out the most delicious homemade pizza you’ll ever taste.