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Step into a Coimbatore Home that Embodies Minimalism!

Paul and Arthini’s 4 BHK villa in Coimbatore embraces the tenets of minimalism, infusing it with tranquil, peaceful vibes. Clean silhouettes and streamlined designs come together to create a home that is restrained and elegant, showcasing the clever use of materials, textures and patterns.  HomeLane designer Pragati has kept the design simple, in accordance with the home owners’ brief, making the most of the neutral colour scheme to bring in an open, airy feel. 

“It was during the pandemic, and we were on a budget. It was very important that the home décor should fit within our estimates, and should also be completed within a time frame,“ explained Paul, adding, “We had heard of HomeLane from social media and ads. They promised 45-day delivery, and we liked the designs too!”

And HomeLane did deliver, both on the time schedules and transparent budgeting. As Paul endorsed, “From the time we finalised the design, till the installation was complete, it was less than 45 days! This gave us a lot of ease and convenience, which was invaluable in the midst of the pandemic. We were able to see what kind of material had been finalised, the handles we had chosen and so on, through online calls. This, again, proved to be very convenient as we were minimising travel at the time.”

Ready to take a look at this lovely couple’s dream home? Here we go!

The couple have two children – a son and a daughter – and they were very excited about designing the perfect playroom that matched the interests of their little ones.  “As a child, I had always dreamed of having a very playful environment – and we weren’t able to get that when we were growing up, so we wanted something like that for our children! “Paul laughed. 

One look at the colourful, pattern-filled children’s bedroom, and it makes all of us want to be kids again! From at-home climbing walls to bunk beds, Tarzan-style ceiling swings to a lovely window seat for reading, this room fills your heart with joy. Pops of sunshine yellow raise the energy in the room, and the wipe-clean laminated surfaces make maintenance a breeze.

There’s a large world map on one wall, fitted with bright red projections. “Paul has converted one of the walls into a rock-climbing space for the kids,” says Arthini. The ingenuous use of this wall promises hours of fun time, especially when the children’s friends come to visit. Sturdy grips are securely screwed into the wall, and she puts down a mattress on the floor ensuring safety when it’s climb-time. Conceptualised during the pandemic, this wall made it possible for the children to get some real exercise even when they were cooped up indoors for months at a stretch!

The spacious wardrobe, in bright yellow and cream, echoes the predominant colour palette in the room. A stepped toy storage unit makes it super-easy for the children to pick up their own clutter when it’s time to sit down to their books and study, and also acts as a creative staircase to access the top bunk bed. The cheerful graphic wallpaper ties down the vibrant theme, keeping the design cohesive.

The master bedroom follows a low-key colour narrative, maintaining the contemporary essence of the minimalistic theme that runs through the home. One entire wall is taken up by floor-to-ceiling storage in soft cream, with a highly functional work desk neatly fitted into the nook below the window.  

Optimising space while taking cues from the personal preferences of the homeowners, the bedroom is an oasis of calm, with zero ornamentation or frills.  The wooden bed, bedside table and library unit are part of a matched bedroom set.

To one side of the family room, the TV corner is also clad in muted shades. Featuring lovely solid wood seating and an entertainment unit in high-gloss white, this is the perfect spot for relaxed evenings.

Designer Pragati has ensured that the U-shaped kitchen packs in a tonne of storage, with designated drawers for crockery, cutlery and large pots and pans. Corner spaces that are hard to access easily are thoughtfully designed, with clever use of space-saving accessories. Along the entire length of one wall, the second run of upper cabinets makes room for loft storage that tucks away items that are not required on an everyday basis.

The dining room is segregated from the kitchen space by the use of a peninsular island, propped up by metal legs, with a lovely wall crockery unit above. Against the opposite wall, a long horizontal sink in cultured marble with a floating vanity comes in useful to wash up after meals.

Paul and Arthini were very happy indeed with their beautifully articulated and stylish home. As Paul enthused, “I think HomeLane is a game-changer in the interior design space, because it brings in a lot of trust. When people buy a home, they want the interiors to be done quickly, with very transparent costs. With HomeLane, this is exactly what we get! Besides which, we were able to see what we were getting, and this raised our confidence in the entire process!”

HomeLane’s 45-day delivery promise, high-quality products, and personalised services are what sets us apart from the rest! We loved working with Paul and Arthini on bringing their home décor dreams to life…and we can’t wait to work with you, too!  Come, visit us today – together, let’s get started on conjuring up your beautiful home!