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Sunrise to Sunset with Caesarstone & JAN Franschhoek

Explore how Caesarstone’s Palm Shade is used as the perfect outdoor surface at JAN Franschhoek – from sunrise to sunset. The talented chefs arrive in the morning to forage for the freshest ingredients, inspired by the surrounding mountains and landscape. We explore what a day in the life of this unique space looks like – from sunrise to sunset…



From sunrise to sunset

Work starts when the daily produce is delivered, knives are out, and preparations are underway for another spectacular restaurant service! As part of the Outdoor Collection, Caesarstone’s Palm Shade is the perfect blank canvas for all the magic to happen. Bettie Morgan, Prep Chef at JAN Franschhoek, says, “We are surrounded with mountains – it’s like a little Switzerland, so beautiful!”


The story behind JAN Franschhoek

Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, Michelin-star chef, conceptualised this restaurant where nature and food can come together in a beautiful harmony. “JAN Franschhoek is a seasonal wine and food experience hosted in one of the oldest farmhouses in the area.” – remarks Jan. Described as “cosy, intimate, warm, and snug” by Jan, JAN Franschhoek is a true masterpiece that is unique. “It seems impossible to find craftsmanship that will match that of a 100-year-old house. But the timelessness of Caesarstone’s Outdoor Collection makes it really easy.”


Nature & food – a harmonious partnership

With JAN Franschhoek located in a lavender field, we’re able to see how everything comes alive in the great outdoors! “They only put one table where different people sit together – and can talk to each other,” says Bettie. “That’s a brilliant idea – one of Jan’s most brilliant ideas in fact!” When arriving at this one-of-a-kind establishment, one might wonder: Can you fit a fine dining experience into a mere 100sqm? “Skepticism only lasts until you consider the surrounding fynbos field, the river, and mountains – as much a part of its structure as the ceiling beams and 19th-century stone walls,” comments Jan.

“Much of the daily work of a chef is mise en place – an idea that holds value far beyond the borders of professional cooking. The menu at JAN Franschhoek is entirely dependent on nature’s mise en place – where you can see and feel time moving where you get to live ten different days, from sunrise to sunset.” – Jan Hendrik.


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