Tearing Off Some Of The Mysteries Of Path of Exile 3.25 Settlers Of Kalguur! – Problems & What Can We Expect?

Tearing Off Some Of The Mysteries Of Path of Exile 3.25 Settlers Of Kalguur! – Problems & What Can We Expect?

Path of Exile has been building its player base since its official release, and a lot of work has been done to make some QoL changes to the game, which also means that these changes will inevitably affect the way the game works.

Necropolis League is coming to an end, which is an important time for a major expansion. But don’t worry, Path of Exile 3.25: Settlers of Kalguur is coming soon, on July 26th.

Players are looking forward to the release of this new expansion, because compared to previous expansions, Necropolis League has been considered by PoE players to be the worst Path of Exile expansion, even more disliked than the previous Kalandra League.

So what exactly made players dislike the previous expansion so much? What changes can we expect in Path of Exile Settlers of Kalguur Patch 3.25? This guide will give you the answers.

Necropolis League Problems

Uncomfortable League Mechanic

With every major expansion, a new league mechanic is introduced, and for Necropolis League, that involves collecting corpses, storing them, and then burying them to craft yourself some Path Of Exile Items that can be used as special decorations.

While these sounds interesting, it had various problems in the early days of its release, forcing Grinding Gear Games to make a lot of major changes a few weeks after the league started. But even after the improvements, the graveyard crafting mechanic is still not as good as the previous league in the eyes of players.

Too Many Events Lead To A lot of Confusion

There are too many events in recent POE 3.25 maps, which makes players a little overwhelmed and even a little irritated. This has led to a reduction in the gaming experience for many players, which can be said to be a taboo for this type of game, making players miserable.

Requires A Lot Of Investment

If players want to succeed in Necropolis League, they must invest a lot of POE Currency. For example, if you want to get some high rewards throughout the game, you must use a lot of Divine Orbs to enhance your map.

Compared to the previous Affliction League, Necropolis League makes players feel that they have paid more but get less loot.

There Are A Lot Of Boring Content

In addition to the focus on corpses and POE items just mentioned, many players feel that most of the content in Necropolis League is boring, and even less interesting than the old content. Over time, some old players are unwilling to go online again, and the player activity has decreased.

The Gameplay Has Also Become Boring

In addition to the boring content, the gameplay that profits from graveyard crafting is also considered by players to be very boring. Besides waiting and repetitive operations, players have no gaming experience in this place.

Constantly Crashing Servers

Although players were excited when Necropolis League was first released, the frequent server crashes have worn out the enthusiasm of players. Even players constantly using alt-tab can’t help.

Although GGG solved these problems in the later period, many players still gave up the game.

Hard To Crack Tier 17 Maps

A very difficult Tier 17 Map was introduced in Necropolis League, promising very good loot. But modifiers on the map make it very hard for some builds to complete Tier 17 Maps.

If you want to re-enter this map, you will also need some Chaos Orbs. This means an increased cost for players, which may discourage many casual players.

Lack Of Build Variety

Necropolis League is relatively focused on crafting, which only attracts a small portion of the community. In contrast, the previous Affliction League encouraged players to build diverse and non-traditional builds, which widened the audience.

What Can We Expect In Patch 3.25?

Although there are still some problems in the current league, we should still believe that GGG will win back the players who have been lost through its efforts. So what can we expect in the meantime?

Improve Some Neglected Builds

Unlike the previous two expansions, Patch 3.25 may be less focused on loot, and may focus on some balance changes to make previously under-used skill gems and ascendancy classes more viable.

For example, Gladiator and Assassin will receive some necessary adjustments, and some melee builds will also receive long-awaited improvements.

Technical Enhancements

GGG has been continuously improving its technical aspects after experiencing a loss of players because of constant server crashes. Recently they released a 4GB patch that added rendering resolution and an upgrade mode, improving performance and image quality. I and the players are looking forward to more technical changes soon!

Added Transfigured Support Gems

Previously, there were only transfigured skill gems, but with Patch 3.25, the developers may add transfigured support gems and restore some old content that players have been asking for. This may bring back some previously popular but now nerfed builds, such as Tornado Shot Deadeye, but the pros and cons will be left to the players to decide.

Simultaneous Release for All Platforms

Like the Necropolis expansion, Patch 3.25 will be released on all supported platforms, allowing players on different platforms to enjoy the new content together instead of experiencing it in stages.

Easier Tier 17 Maps

Currently, Tier 17 Maps are a bit difficult for most builds. But with Patch 3.25, GGG has made a change to this – making these maps more accessible while still retaining their challenge. This may make some players who enjoy exploring very happy!

New Quality Of Life Features

Path of Exile is a long-standing game that needs to be constantly updated to adapt to the experience of players at different times. For example, in the current league, there is stacking currency and a full scarab rework.

We are also looking forward to more useful quality-of-life features in Patch 3.25 to add to this old game that is still very alive!

Although Necropolis League has not performed well in the past few months, players are still very much looking forward to Path of Exile Settlers of Kalguur Patch 3.25. Players also want to see that GGG has learned valuable lessons from previous mistakes and creates a better gaming experience for them!