The Design Ethos of This Spacious Gurugram Apartment Exudes Tranquillity and Charm
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The Design Ethos of This Spacious Gurugram Apartment Exudes Tranquillity and Charm

Designed by HomeLane designer Prateek Sabharwal, the lavish interior of this sprawling Gurugram apartment is crafted to suit the personalities of three generations of the Anand family.  Sleek modern sensibilities are imbued with a playful sense of patterns and textures, in spaces that are expertly tailored to the lifestyle of the clients.

The clients wanted interior spaces that were practical and functional at the core, while echoing their refined and tasteful aesthetic preferences. Thoughtful and deliberate design and detailing has resulted in a design story that exudes tranquillity and charm, building beautiful living experiences.

We take you on a walk through this delightful Gurugram home!

Dressed in shades of blue and grey, the vestibule with ribbed treatments on the walls sets the tone for your first impression of the Anand family’s home. A pretty floral mural on one wall offers visual relief and hints at the lovely design ethos that runs through the home.

The Design Ethos of This Spacious Gurugram Apartment Exudes Tranquillity and Charm

Incorporating a soothing palette of restful blues and greys, the spacious living room is a welcoming and family-friendly space. The entertainment centre is sleek and modern, with plenty of space for the display of collectibles and storage of electronics. Push-to-open drawers below are child-safe and easy to operate.

Wing chairs that are upholstered in graphic patterned fabric offer striking contrast to the stylish deep blue velvet couches scattered around the room. Silken white paint on the walls offers a neutral-toned backdrop that accentuates the expansive space. Carefully curated artwork and accessories, like this burnished bronze vase atop a marble-topped round table, enhance the classy ambience and character of the house.

Opening out from the living room, the dining space showcases an eight-seater table topped with lustrous Italian marble, with elegantly contoured beige chairs encased in quilted velvet. Luxe floor-to-ceiling drapes in raw silk add to the feeling of space in the room. 

The large parallel kitchen has enough space for multiple cooks, and is designed in an eye-catching palette of warm tangerine and golden ash wood. Large windows at the far end allow plenty of natural light to stream in.

An appliance garage with an aluminium sliding shutter tucks away bulky appliances, keeping the gleaming granite countertops clutter-free. The tall unit stores grocery essentials, while the tangerine open shelving unit houses everyday cups, mugs and glassware. Note how the push-to-open drawers and cabinets add to the seamless, streamlined aesthetic!

Cheerful Moroccan tiles in the backsplash tie the colours in the upper and lower run of cabinets together for a cohesive look. Deep drawers below the counter are designed to hold large utensils and plenty of crockery; the Anands love to entertain, and their family meals are cherished moments of togetherness!

To one side of the kitchen, the tall unit holds the built-in microwave and OTG. There is space above to stash serving trays and bottles. On the opposite wall, cabinets to either side of the cooking hob hold oil, condiments and cooking staples within easy reach. Wide wicker baskets below the counter are designed to allow supplies of root veggies, garlic and ginger to breathe.

Done up in a vibrant blue and white palette, the guest bedroom features a quilted custom-made bed and a bespoke high-gloss wardrobe in the same colours. Tucked into one corner next to the window is a compact work desk, while the bedside units echo the same colour theme. Hues of blues, whites and neutrals make this room a relaxing haven for overnight guests. The freestanding ivory wardrobe with wide sliding shutters has plenty of room for suitcases and travel bags.

The master bed is done up in a subtle palette of soft beige and whispers of cream. The older Anands love to watch TV in bed, and the large flatscreen TV allows them to binge-watch their favourite serials to their heart’s content! This room has angular walls and the furniture is custom designed to complement the room. Twin wing chairs upholstered in a stunning shade of blue velvet add visual contrast and act as a focal point of the décor. Upholstered in plush beige fabric, the King-sized master bed is the last word in convenience and comfort. Pretty sheer curtains in self-patterned white fabric allow the morning sunlight into the room.

The en-suite walk-in wardrobe is spacious and beautifully designed, with floor-to-ceiling cabinets in beige and brown. A built-in dresser has cleverly concealed hidden storage behind; specially requisitioned to hold valuables and important documents. The simple entertainment unit holds the LCD TV set, and is designed with an easy mix of closed drawers and open cabinets for night-time essentials.

Centrally located, the marble-encased pooja can be cordoned off by curtains in white and gold when privacy is needed at prayer time. Beautifully conceptualised lighting adds an aura of enchantment, highlighting symbols and shlokas in Sanskrit. 

Custom-designed for the young animation enthusiast in the family, this bedroom features a study desk alongside the TV unit, with glass shelves all around to display his collection of action figures.

The upholstered bed, done up in shades of grey,  is simple and stylish. Matching pouffes serve as bedside units on either side of the bed. To cater to his youthful taste, the designers have created a walk-in closet in teal blue and ivory that perfectly suits his needs. A sleek wall-to-wall wardrobe in high-gloss white to one side of the bed holds the teen’s clothes, books and other supplies.

Designed for the young master of the family, this child’s bedroom is done up in a delightful interplay of shades of blue and white, and incorporates kid-friendly surfaces, push-to-open drawers, and soft edges.

“Creating a Spiderman-themed bedroom for my child meant opting for the perfect colour palette, with space to display his collection of Spiderman figurines. Our designer’s suggestion of dark blue-light blue combinations added vibrancy and created an engaging environment that he loved!” explains Prateek.

The little boy has an enviable collection of toys and books, and there is ample storage space to hold them all. Stackable boxes, wall cabinets and a plush wardrobe, all crafted in the two-tone colour scheme, allow him to tidy away his cars and toys once playtime is over.

The bespoke bed has a graphic headboard upholstered in blue velvet, with designer bed covers and matching pillow cases that showcase lively cartoons. 

There’s no such thing as too much storage in a house, and the designers have managed to eke out every inch of storage space in the Anand home! Just off the dining area, the family room features an entire wall of shared storage for books, papers and extra linen.

Summing up his experiences with HomeLane, Prateek is all praise for the work executed by the team, and says, “Having been involved in construction for the past seven years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on numerous sites. The wooden work executed by HomeLane is truly exceptional. I am happy to recommend them to anyone seeking quality craftsmanship and reliable services!”

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