The Link Up: Em’s Great New Summer Clothing Staples, Mal’s  Head Massaging Hairbrush, And Our Dupe Of A Popular/Expensive Soap
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The Link Up: Em’s Great New Summer Clothing Staples, Mal’s $12 Head Massaging Hairbrush, And Our Dupe Of A Popular/Expensive Soap

Happy Sunday, everyone. We had to mention the new farmhouse driveway at least one more time this week. Look at it! It’s so exciting and who knew talking about concrete and asphalt could be so interesting? But don’t worry we have an inside reveal for you soon:) Ok, let’s link up!

This week’s house tour takes us to Barcelona and drops us into the airiest most “I only wear beautiful caftans but still live in a busy city” home we’ve seen in a minute. The tall ceilings, the white brick columns, and the mix of vintage and new are all perfect. Go enjoy!

From Emily: I did a little Madewell partnership on stories the other day and yet again there were a few pieces I honestly fell in love with. Number one being a summer (well year-round) denim blazer. Y’all, it’s so good and I really have been searching for one. It has structure and a little stretch with I think is key. I even bought one that was a lot more expensive but returned it after trying on this one. Then you, of course, know your girl loves a boxy summer striped blouse. This one is super lightweight, linen, and really breathable. Lastly, I have pretty much been living in these demin mid-length shorts. I love that they’re a little longer but still look cool with the raw-edge hem.

courtesy of netflix

Mickel Welch is bringing us all a great new design show called, Hack My Home on Netflix! We love his style and his personality so we are so so excited to watch. Set your alarms for July 7th because we definitely are:) But we figured who better to talk about the show than Mikel:

courtesy of netflix

“I am thrilled to introduce you to “Hack My Home,” an exhilarating home renovation series set to premiere exclusively on Netflix on Friday, July 7. With a total of 8 captivating episodes, this show will take you on a journey of awe-inspiring transformations and aspirational design. What makes “Hack My Home” truly special is the incredible dynamic we have with our Dream Team. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with, ready to tackle the spatial challenges faced by deserving families. These families share a common desire: they need more space but want to avoid the hassle of moving or the expense of major home upgrades. As the Design expert, I take pride in finding functional, yet aesthetical decor solutions. Alongside me, we have Brooks Atwood, the mastermind behind groundbreaking innovations, Ati Williams, the construction expert, and Jessica Banks, the engineering genius. Together, we pool our skills and expertise to transform overcrowded spaces into functional and breathtaking havens. What sets “Hack My Home” apart from other design shows is our commitment to innovation. We go beyond tearing down walls just for the sake of an open concept living room. Instead, we focus on providing families with real-life, practical storage solutions that enhance their everyday lives. You never know where your next design solution will come from – it could be hidden in the ceiling or concealed behind a speakeasy-style doorway. “Hack My Home” is not just about creating visually stunning spaces; it’s about unlocking the true potential of every square inch. Get ready to be inspired as we embark on a remarkable adventure, transforming homes and lives one episode at a time.”

From Arlyn: If there is one person whose scent instincts I trust, it’s Jess. So when she popped over for a working lunch the other day and, after washing her hands before digging into her Sweeetgreen, she came out singing the praises of my hand soap, I knew I had to share it on a Link Up for the EHD world. Method’s Vetiver + Amber (which I picked up at Target) is a very good dupe for Le Labo’s Santal 33. It’s rich, musky, and leathery yet a little sweet. It smells like a fancy soap you find in a boutique restaurant bathroom, but it cost me about $7. 

From Caitlin: This week, I cried reading this article – it’s an update on a few of the migrants who were flown to Martha’s Vineyard last summer and who now call it home. The quote that got me was from a 25-year-old Venezuelan woman, who had this to say: “I did not even know where Martha’s Vineyard was. And now I feel welcomed by everybody here. I’m working, making friends and this is home for me now,” Ms. Cauro said with a wide smile. “This is home now. I don’t want to leave.” CUE THE WATERWORKS. Felt like a pretty appropriate long read for this weekend, don’t you think? I’m so happy to see these incredibly brave folks building their lives in America – it’s really moving. We are lucky that so many talented, hardworking, family-oriented people risk everything to join us here:)

From Mallory: It’s honestly mind-boggling to me that hairbrushes are designed to be completely straight across when your head is naturally round…and if you haven’t thought about it you will after using this hairbrush. It’s curved so it fits the natural shape of your head and it feels like you’re massaging your scalp while you’re brushing your hair. I had a hairstylist use this on my head like 10 years ago and I immediately was like, “GIRL, WHAT’S GOING ON WITH THIS HEAVENLY FEELING ON MY SCALP.” She pointed to the brush and explained to me that everyone loves it so I bought one right there on the spot. Been using it ever since and I will never go back. Best $12 you will ever spend!!

From Jess: Last weekend I went on a truly magical bachelorette weekend so getting this “party favor” was the cherry on top of the relaxing poolside ice cream sunday. It’s the cutest little belt bag that is perfect for summer and going to events. I say “events” because baseball games, concerts venues, etc that all now seem to have a small bag size requirement. Even my pretty small Grande Fanny bag from Clare V is too big which is SO ANNOYING. Anyway, I got the neon green color which you know I love if you remember this belt bag from last summer but is also too big for a lot of venues. But it also comes in these neutrals too. I know this wasn’t a cheap gift to give all of us but I so appreciate gifts from bachelorette parties that you will actually use.

Ok, that’s it from us today. If you are in need of some home decor then head to our 4th of July sale roundup (you know Caitlin only finds the best) and if not enjoy what is hopefully an extra long weekend. See you tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Kaitlin Green | From: Our New Driveway – A Gravel/Concrete/Asphalt/Regrind Debate