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The T-Shirt Bed Co – SA Decor & Design

Not sure what The T-Shirt Bed Co is all about and if its products are what your dreams are made of?

Well, then settle for a little bedtime story with a happy ending…

Because, here, the company answers the most frequently asked questions about its range of luxurious bed linen, manufactured from 100% cotton.

What are The T-Shirt Bed Co. duvet covers and sheets made from?

“We guarantee that only the finest and most luxurious 100% cotton is used in the manufacture of our products. Cool in summer and cosy in winter, our jersey sheets are renowned for being knitted and not woven like regular sheeting. This means that our bedding is super breathable, extra comfortable and moves with your body while you sleep for the ultimate sleep experience.”

But what about thread count?

“As jersey knit cotton is knitted and not woven, it can not be measured by thread count. However…soft, smooth and luxurious, we equate our bedding to a real feel of 800-thread count!”

What does it feel like to sleep on T-Shirt bedding?

“We like to think of our bed linen as the ultimate in sleep luxury! Our linen has the remarkable ability to be cool and breathable in summer yet cosy in winter. Compared to regular woven cotton, our covers are deliciously soft and smooth and many clients report never being able to go back to regular cotton bedding again! Our soft cotton is also recommended for the elderly, little ones and allergy sufferers due to its extreme comfort rating.”

How do I wash my T-Shirt Bed sheets?

“We recommend a cool wash on a gentle or cotton cycle. Remember that like your favourite T-shirt, a little shrinkage is expected on the first wash. We have accounted for this in our manufacturing process so we find that our sheets fit best after their first wash.”

Can I tumble dry my sheets?

“Although we always recommend a natural sun drying process, our linen may be tumble dried on the lowest heat setting. Never tumble dry your sheets on high heat as they may be prone to shrinkage.”

Do my sheets need ironing?

“No! One of the greatest features of our linen is that it never needs ironing. Just wash and go! Even if your sheets look wrinkled after washing or folding, just pop them onto your bed and watch the wrinkles disappear.”