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This Mumbai Home Delivers Luxe Style in a Compact Footprint

Textures and patterns abound in Santanu and Parnabi’s compact Mumbai home. When the young couple explained their brief to HomeLane designer Vrushali, they laid emphasis on functional, practical space planning. Understanding their needs, the HomeLane team was happy to craft an elegant, luxe abode with a sophisticated visual story, laced with vibrant patterns and prints. A calming colour palette underlines the contemporary design language that runs through every room. 

As Santanu had a transferable job, they had never stayed in any city long enough to own their own apartment — which made this first home all the more special! When they started to look for the perfect designer who could translate their décor vision to life, HomeLane quickly caught their eye.

“We were passing by the HomeLane Experience Centre and decided to drop in to take a look,” Santanu says, as he explained how they narrowed down their choice of interior provider. “We visited other companies too, exploring many options, and compared quotations and the scope of work. HomeLane gave us the best designs, along with a timeline that suited our needs. They put it all down in their agreement … and they have delivered what they promised!”

And the result speaks for itself! This lovely home is delightfully easy on the eyes, with a free flow of spaces, beautifully conceptualised functionality and plenty of artistic touch points. Let’s take a look!

Right at the entrance, the designers set the tone for the rest of the home, balancing teak wood against high-gloss cream elements in the wall panels and furniture, and treading a fine balance between warmth and minimalism. The entrance door is inlaid with an etched glass panel, infusing the foyer with evocative design. A profusion of greenery adds a refreshing biophilic touch.

The entertainment centre in grey and white runs the entire length of the living room wall, and is paired with a sofa upholstered in floral prints. Layers of lighting and modern art pieces tie down the design narrative, while cheerful blue drapes at the windows add to the well-nuanced style.

With a palette that blends creamy white, blue, green, and grey, thoughtfully curated artefacts and carefully chosen furnishings, this living room is all about simplicity and warmth. 

The gold-tinted mirror panels in the backdrop magnify the space, adding an air of opulence to the dining room. Topped with fine white marble, the four-seater wooden table is a modern take on fluid, curvilinear shapes. The wallpaper has been skilfully chosen to blend into the luxe aesthetic.

Soothing and restful shades of sea green and earthy brown are the perfect choice for this bedroom that showcases decorative flair. The grey and white wallpaper provides an elegant backdrop to the simple, modern bed, while the floating bedside unit and shelves above add utility. The floating ceiling incorporates recessed strip lighting that casts a hidden glow.

Every corner of the bedroom is designed with the family’s convenience in mind. The choice of colours in the room is cohesive and unified, beautifully blending with the overall design theme. Neatly wedged into the other side of the bed is a compact work desk in grey and cream, with plenty of storage space for work essentials.

On the wall opposite the bed is the compact cream-coloured wardrobe, framed in teak wood. Designed to incorporate drawers, shelves and hanger spaces within a compact footprint, this storage unit ensures efficient utilisation of space. The silken tie-back drapes at the window fall in line with the colour scheme.

Clean silhouettes and pristine finishes characterise the design language of this effortlessly elegant kitchen.   Here, too, the designer has incorporated small touches that add a world of functionality. Take, for instance, the broom cupboard. “Even in such a small space, there is a pull-out unit where you can stash away brooms, mops and so on,” Santanu says. He also points out the way the door to the kitchen slides out behind the mandir – a sophisticated, well-placed detail that serves to demarcate the kitchen from the dining area.

Parnabi is all praise for how well the team coordinated with each other and ensured that even the smallest change requests were incorporated. “When you design your home, you can expect that there could be changes that would happen along the way,” she says, smiling, “Each of them was handled by Homelane in such a professional and efficient way!” All they had to do was to post a message on the WhatsApp group, and the team would respond at once.

Santanu sums up their experience with HomeLane when he says, “Even though they are handling a number of projects at the same time, we felt like they were giving our project equal importance!” And as Parnabi wholeheartedly agrees, “HomeLane is all about professionals with passion. And at the end of the day, you are very happy that you have got value for the money you have spent. They ticked all the boxes – ease, convenience, timelines!”

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