This Serene Coimbatore Home is Elegance, Personified!

Redefining modern décor sensibilities with an old-world gaze, this 3 BHK villa in Coimbatore, designed by HomeLane’ s Nandhini Manigandan, is an inviting microcosm of comfort and warmth. This was a project that Nandhini designed and executed almost completely from afar – the homeowners Sivabaggiam and Sivaraj were living abroad at the time, and unable to visit Coimbatore to personally oversee the work.

“We had planned to shift to Coimbatore, as we had a house here, and we were looking for someone to do the interiors. We happened to come across HomeLane through YouTube and loved the designs on their website. All the design concepts were discussed through Zoom meetings because we were living abroad and couldn’t come to India!” recalls the couple’s lively daughter. 

This led to elaborate online conversations, where anything and everything ranging from lifestyle to personal preferences were discussed. Conveying ideas and concepts was challenging at times, but the clients were able to understand spatial layouts through the use of 3D visuals on HomeLane’s user-friendly virtual design platform.

All in all, considering that the family met the designer only when their home was nearing completion, they were super delighted with how it all turned out! 

The homeowners opted for a design scheme that uses measured doses of colour, pattern, and texture, without any over-the-top ostentation. “They wanted a look of quiet luxury, with designs that would age well and stand the test of time,” designer Nandhini recalled.

Here, the contemporary entertainment centre is backed by luxe marble panels in a rich coffee brown. Long horizontal drawers in ivory offer plenty of space for gadgets, while the quartz countertop can be used to display artefacts. Italian marble floors lend an air of quiet, understated opulence.

A gracious marble-topped table takes pride of place in the dining room, with beautifully detailed carved wooden chairs initiating a dialogue between the past and the present. Wooden accents meld with modern laminated furniture across the room; rosewood panels in the wall behind the washbasin take a bow to the past, while the off-white crockery unit covers the larger part of the opposite wall, displaying the homeowners’ collections of valuable tableware.

Providing continuity to the design vocabulary, the earthy brown and cream palette flows through all the rooms. Tall floor-to-ceiling silken drapes, gracefully cinched to add old-world charm, draw one’s gaze upwards, adding visual height to the already spacious rooms.

The dressing table cum study desk is cleverly built into a niche in the master bedroom. With open wooden ledges for artefacts and books and custom-built drawers and stationery cabinets, dressing essentials, and other paraphernalia, this unit is perfectly tailored to suit the needs of the couple. A sliding shutter covers the mirror when not in use.

A rosewood bed with a dramatic black upholstered headboard takes centre stage in the spacious bedroom, exuding comfort and sophistication. The ivory floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is planned to fit neatly around the window and extends into a window seat below. The drawers below the window seat provide additional storage.

Throughout the entire process, Sivabaggiam discussed each aspect of the kitchen design in great detail with designer Nandhini through virtual calls. In her words, “She used the HomeLane app SpaceCraft to lay out the design and changed it frequently whenever we asked for options. We would hold discussions online that ran for as much as even 3 to 4 hours! She was very flexible the entire time, and never once have I seen her complain!” 

The result was this charming kitchen in cream and pink that keeps a firm finger on functionality, maximising storage while storing daily essentials close at hand. 

This kitchen is the perfect example of how clever utilisation of space can maximise storage, creating a functional and stylish design. Here, Nandhini has designed a seemingly invisible loft that seamlessly blends into the background, creating ample storage space for large utensils that may be used only for family gatherings or special events.

A long, slender open shelf just below the upper run of cabinets houses Sivabaggiam’s impressive spice jar collection. She loves to cook, spicy food being her forte! Double-hinged lift-up cabinets above the worktop are not only stylish but also practical.

The Moroccan tiles in cream and brown add a graphic element to the backsplash, visually tying the whole look together. To one side, pull-out wicker trays below the counter store staples like onions, potatoes, and everyday veggies.

Adjacent to the door, tall storage units in mocha brown house groceries and cooking staples, while the ivory-coloured loft continues its run above. 

The peninsular breakfast counter offers space for a quick bite, continuing into the U-shaped ivory kitchen counter. A tambour unit with a rolling screen shutter hides appliances out of sight. 

For the Sivaraj family, one thing was certain – their decision to choose HomeLane for their home décor has certainly paid off! As Sivabaggiam smilingly summed up, “Whatever was discussed, was implemented perfectly. We can surely say that our dream has come true, and the HomeLane team made it all happen for us!” 

And their daughter chimed in, “And if I am to do up my own home interiors in the future, it would definitely be only through HomeLane!”

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