Two Essential Tips for Decorating with Black Walls –

Two Essential Tips for Decorating with Black Walls –

Do you know why it’s so important to have a handle on the colour trends? Because knowing where the trends have been and where they are going is the only way to ultimately see what looks good through it all.

That is, to know what is actually TIMELESS. For starters, here are two essential tips for decorating with black walls.

Stay tuned this fall. You can count on me to bring you my perspective on all the Colour of the Year (COTY) announcements!

Behr Color of the year 2024 cracked pepper

Behr COTY for 2024 Cracked Pepper via BHG

The black paint trend

Behr is usually first with their colour of the year.

And their COTY this year is going to be outdated before 2024 is even over.

Because everyone is painting their house black right now.

And when you see the same color everywhere, you get tired of it even faster.

Their choice of a soft black is a smart marketing move. It’s clearly based on statistics that the majority of people would consider painting their walls black.

So this means that black has moved from edgy and cool to, honestly? Kinda boring.

It also means that this trend has peaked and is ripe for looking dated.

But that’s ok! It’s only paint. I can get behind trying out the black trend with paint! It’s much easier to change out than flooring, tile, ALL your hardware and plumbing fixtures and your WINDOWS!

#1 Black walls need contrast

So if you want to have some fun with black walls, know that super dark walls need contrast. So add a pop of colour.

Or a lot of white fabulous texture like this one.

Decorating with black walls

 Via BHG

Remember that black is not a shortcut to decorating just because it’s bold.

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#2 Black walls need lots of lamps

So the second thing you need to pull off a black room or a black accent wall is plenty of lamps. Nix the overhead lighting and opt for a glowy  atmosphere instead. Lamps are what will give you that moody feel you’re looking for.

Moody black walls atmosphere

Abigail Ahern

Black is most timeless when used sparingly. This advice is what I’ve given thousands of homeowners and designers here and here and here.

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