What’s Snow Blower Tune Up Cost In 2023?

What’s Snow Blower Tune Up Cost In 2023?

A snow blower tune-up costs from $100 to $250 if done by a repair service. Some maintenance materials may not be included in this price. Servicing will cost you less than $75 if you do it yourself, including changing the oil, spark plug, shear pins, and skid shoes.

Worried about how much a snow blower tune-up will cost you? Is it even necessary to keep up with the maintenance? Yes! Based on my experience, postponing small snow blower repairs isn’t a good idea. Besides, servicing a snow removal machine isn’t that expensive. See for yourself! 

Cost Of Snow Blower Repairs

What Maintenance Is Required For A Snow Blower 

A snow blower inside a storage space

Your regular maintenance should include: 

  1. Oil change: Ariens, a reputable manufacturer of snow blowers, recommends changing the oil about once a year. In my experience, it’s best to change the oil at the beginning of every new snow removal season or every 50 hours of use. The same applies to a lawn mower. The photo above is courtesy of Michael Styne.
  1. Fuel stabilizer: This needs to be added to the tank when you are about to put the snow blower in storage. It will ensure the engine starts on the first try next winter. Here are my solutions, in case your two-stage snow blower doesn’t start after summer.
  1. Spark plug: This needs to be replaced once every season or every 100 hours of use. In my opinion, you should also clean it every 25 hours of use.
  1. Air filter: John Deere, a global leader in the production of motorized equipment, recommends changing the air filter after 24 to 30 hours of runtime
  1. Skid shoes: These need to be replaced when they wear out. Replace them before they get to the level of the housing
  1. Shear pins: These prevent serious damage to the auger and need to be replaced when broken

Total Cost Of Gas Snow Blower Tune Up

A man using an Ariens snowblower

I’ve looked into the prices of many different small engine repair service companies and the maintenance of gas snow blowers costs anywhere from $100 to $250.

You can reduce the annual cost of snow blower maintenance by doing some or all of the work yourself. According to one of the leading power equipment suppliers in the U.S., Snow Blowers Direct, maintenance will cost you about $72.39 in materials. 

Start by learning how to change engine oil

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How often does a snowblower need a tune-up?

A snowblower needs a tune-up once a year. You should change the engine oil, spark plug, and air filter, and add fuel stabilizer once a season. Replace skid shoes and shear bolts as needed.

What is included in a snowblower tune-up?

Services included in a snowblower tune-up are an oil change, an overall evaluation of air, fuel, and ignition, an inspection of the auger, impeller, drive belt, and auger belt, an inspection of the carburetor, tire pressure, and lots more.

How often should a snowblower be serviced?

A snowblower should be serviced roughly once a season. Spark plugs should be cleaned every 25 hours of use, and replaced after 100 hours of use. Oil should be changed after 50 hours of use

It’s Easier Than You Think

I told you! Snow blower maintenance isn’t too expensive. You can slash the price in half if you do some of the repairs yourself. 

Doing it myself for many years, I know that fixing a gas-powered snow blower, lawn mower, and other yard equipment is easier than you think

Any questions? Ask me in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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