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Why I Love Parachute’s Down Alternative Mattress Topper: It’s On Sale!

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As someone who works from home most of the week and who, frankly, loves lazing around, I need a comfy bed. My apartment doesn’t have a dedicated living room or office, so I end up doing everything from sleeping to writing stories right from my full-sized frame. The only issue? The place I rented at the beginning of the year came with a bed frame and mattress, and the latter was insufferably firm. I powered through the discomfort for about six months, but eventually, I got tired of waking up with sore hips and a stiff back. The final straw was when I realized that the mattress shell, which is naturally gray in color, was bleeding onto my sheets and making them gray, too! I was beyond over it, but it’s not like I could get rid of the mattress, as it’s not mine. That’s when I got the idea to try a mattress topper.

What is the down alternative mattress topper?

As its name states, this bedding must-have is filled with plush microfiber, which is 100% hypoallergenic. The fill adds 3 inches to your mattress height, but I wouldn’t say you need to invest in deep sheets to accommodate it. All of my regular-depth sheets still fit just fine. On the outside, the topper boasts a 100% cotton shell in a crisp white finish. I appreciate that the cotton is cooling, as it offsets some of the warmth provided by the fill. But like I said, I started sleeping on the topper in late summer, and I never felt overheated because of it. Plus, I imagine real down would be much toastier. Finally, you’ll also note that the mattress topper has a baffle box design, which is nice because it keeps the fill evenly distributed no matter how much you toss and turn.

Why I Love the Down Alternative Mattress Topper

At this point, it’s a cliche to describe bedding as “cloud-like,” but there’s no better way to characterize this mattress topper. It was extremely thick and fluffy the moment I unboxed it, and I audibly sighed from satisfaction the first time I lay on it. As a side sleeper, I was so used to having empty gaps between my limbs and the mattress. But this topper rose to fill those uncomfortable spaces and made me feel truly supported all over. Honestly, it feels like sleeping on one big, plush pillow, and I’m not complaining. The only thing that bothers me is that, depending on the sheets, the topper will sometimes migrate. But I quickly pull it back into place every couple of days, and it’s fine.

In short, my bed has always been my happy place, even when there was nothing separating me from that stupidly firm mattress. But thanks to this topper, my bed has never felt so cozy. If there’s one thing you snag from Parachute’s Black Friday sale, make it this bedding accessory — which, if you ask me, is no accessory at all but rather an essential.