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10 Small Kitchen Paint Colors to Make Tiny Space Look Bigger

Are you looking for different small kitchen paint colors to make it look bigger?

Those who have small kitchens can understand the struggle behind making their space look bigger by choosing the right color choice.

Right now, you might be confused and stressed about which color combination you would go for for the perfect results. Isn’t it? Well, the choice might be difficult but every problem has some solution as well.

This guide will be your biggest support as we will depict a few best small kitchen color ideas for those who have been looking for but couldn’t get satisfactory answers. Let’s get started.

Small Kitchen Paint Colors of 2022

  1. Dark Color combinations make small kitchens look big
  2. Yellow color is a big hit
  3. The green color is an ideal choice
  4. Go for off-white color with wood cabinets
  5. Different paint colors make small kitchens meaningful
  6. The blue color is also a good choice for small spaces.
  7. Bold colors also look good in tiny kitchens.
  8. Yellow, white and black is a perfect color combination you should consider
  9. The mint green and white color is a splendid option.
  10. Choose offset colors with warm metallic for perfect kitchen.


Best Small Kitchen Paint Color Ideas for Tiny Space

We all think that it is quite safe when it comes to choosing colors for our small kitchens. The major problem we make is choosing many colors for a small kitchen that completely look odd.

The below-mentioned ideas will give your kitchens extra-ordinary look with the help best small kitchen paint color.


1. Dark Color Is a Great Choice

If you are planning to keep your kitchen white from head to toe then better skip it.

Dark colors like brown make your kitchen space look bigger and brighter and this trend is never going to end anytime soon.

Dark Color for kitchen

This color makes things more noticeable and will give you a welcoming and characterful feel.

Hence, if your kitchen is small with no light then choosing a dark brown color is all that you need to bring brightness to the space.


2. Sunny Yellow Color

What about going for a sunny yellow color for your small kitchen? Now which yellow color you should choose depends on the interior and style of your kitchen.

Sunny Yellow Color for kitchen

From rich gold to warm honey to vibrant yellow, you have many options to avail of.

This color also goes well in kitchens with base cabinets. Yellow kitchen walls would be a perfect match with your yellow cabinets. It will result in a vibrant and happy room despite the weather condition outside.

Moreover, the light reflects on yellow color in a way that makes the room look bigger. Hence, the bright kitchen wall colors is a big yes.


3. Green Color Close to Nature

We all know that the green color is close to nature so what about applying it in your small kitchen? From mint green to dark green to dark emerald, every color option goes well with your small kitchen.

As green is associated with nature so it brings calmness, a welcoming and fresh feel, and makes the space look bigger and brighter.

Green Color for kitchen

It also makes the small place look open so it is a highly recommended small kitchen color idea you should opt for and you will never be disappointed.

Hence, it is one of the best kitchen wall colors you can choose.


4. Off White with Warm Wood Cabinets

White is a dream color for many people but making your kitchen all white from top to bottom is also not a good idea if you have a small kitchen. So what should be done?

Off White with Warm Wood Cabinets for kitchen

You can go for an off-white color along with a combination of gray color with warm wood cabinets. This is the perfect combination that you can consider.


5. Different Kitchen Paint Colors

Sticking to a single color for an entire kitchen is not suitable so better chose 2 or 3 different and perfect color combinations to enhance the beauty of the space.

Different Kitchen Paint Colors

You can paint your wall cabinets, base units, and walls in different colors and make a perfect contrast. In this way, you can make different sections in your small kitchen that will make the space look bigger.

Moreover, you can keep the upper portion of the wall neutral while painting the lower portion will keep the balance.


6. Calming Blue Color

You can never go wrong with this simple kitchen wall paint color for that small space of yours. As the name defines that this color gives a calm feel and is also perfect to make the room look bigger.

Calming Blue Color for kitchen

You can also make a perfect combination of blue color with gray. It let us breathe in and out and gives us vibes of never-ending space.


7. Bold Primary Colors

Have you ever thought to color your small kitchen orange? Well, we all agree that this color is not suitable for everyone but if you have a small kitchen then why not try this bold primary color?

Bold Primary Colors for kitchen

You do not need to entirely make your kitchen look orange, just go with a single unit and it will make a huge difference.

With a single piece of orange, you can keep the cabinets pink. You can think about other color combinations as well. A few other bold primary colors include red, purple, etc.


8. White, Yellow, and Black Colors

The yellow color small kitchen has already been mentioned above but what about contrasting it with black and white colors?

Yellow color has always made a great combination with both white and black so why not apply this combo in your kitchen space as well in order to bring out space and brightness.

White, Yellow, and Black Colors for kitchen

You can cover the countertops with black marble, keep the walls white and make cabinets of yellow color. It is the perfect contrast you will ever have.


9. Mint Green and White Color

Mint green and the white color go hand in hand be it a dress combination or kitchen color combination. They make a lovely appearance and also enhance the space.

Mint Green and White Color for kitchen

You can also keep a rug of blue color in this type of kitchen. It is the best paint color for kitchen wall with dark cabinets. 


10. Offset Colors with Warm Metallics

Here is the last color idea that you might want to adopt in your small kitchen. If you carefully choose a modern paint color for your small kitchen wall then it can make a big difference.

Keeping your cabinet’s color dark is the best decision you can make. You can also opt for some off-set colors including blue and grey.

Offset Colors with Warm Metallics for kitchen

Filling your small kitchen with some dramatic and fun colors can automatically enhance the feeling of a large space. Moreover, grey kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets can also be considered.

Hence, these are some best kitchen paint colors in 2022 that you can opt for if you are going to renovate the space. They are the most trendy ones and the trend is not going to end.

What Paint Colors Cause a Small Kitchen Look Big?

There are many paint colors you can choose in this regard. A bright yellow color is perfect to enhance the space and keeping your kitchen white and neutral will also be a great attempt.

Similarly, you can consider offsetting colors including grey, blue, etc. in order to bring additional space to your small kitchen.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that might solve your confusion regarding catchy yet simple small kitchen wall colors if you still have any. Let’s have a look at those questions.

What Color Is Best for A Small Kitchen?

There is not only a single color that you can think is best for small kitchens. All the above-mentioned color combinations are perfect in this regard including yellow, white, neutral, grey, etc.

What Color Makes a Kitchen Look Bigger?

If you are planning to change the look of your small kitchen in order to make it look bigger and brighter then go for yellow or different shades of white color. These paint colors for kitchen wall are perfect for this purpose.

What Is the Best Color to Paint a Kitchen?

Keep it cozy and warm by choosing different neutral colors. They not only look best but also enhance the space and you will feel welcome.

What Is the Most Popular Color Kitchen?

If we talk about the most trendy color options then it would be grey and white color. Many people prefer to choose them for all the good reasons.

How Can I Make the Most of My Small Kitchen?

The most important task is to put your appliances in a better way instead of placing them inappropriately.

Do not keep your unused utensils in the kitchen as you can safely place them in stores. Moreover, wall color makes a huge difference so never take it for granted.

You can get various ideas from the internet as well so instead of experimenting with them, do deep research and then make a final decision.

In the end, ensure that direct sunlight enters your kitchen so that your kitchen is always bright and sunny.

Final Thoughts

The small kitchen paint colors should be chosen wisely so that they can make the tiny space look bigger and brighter. Wall colors make a big difference so better choose them carefully to avoid any blunders.

In this article, I have mentioned a few best paint color ideas that you can choose for your future projects.

I hope you get enough idea about how to make your small kitchen wall colors meaningful so that they not only look appealing but also enhance the space.

Take notes and follow the guide on design of the best outdoor kitchen ideas of 2022 for better suggestions.