5 Room Addition Ideas for Small Homes
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5 Room Addition Ideas for Small Homes

Small homes are becoming more popular as individuals are more aware of their carbon footprint and strive to live a minimalist lifestyle. However, if you’re considering home remodeling in Wellesley, MA, you can find ways to add to your home that enhance your quality of life while maintaining a more minimalist lifestyle. The following remodeling services in Wellesley may be an excellent choice for your next project.

A Sunroom


Sunrooms make an excellent addition to small homes. This home remodeling in Massachusetts can give you a comfortable place for various purposes, such as a reading room, a breakfast nook, or a sitting area. Sunrooms can be created in many sizes and shapes to perfectly complement your small house without looking out of place. It’s the ideal way to bring the outdoors into your home.


Dormer Windows


5 Room Addition Ideas for Small Homes

Home remodeling can help you add space to a small home.

As you consider home remodeling in Wellesley, MA, dormer windows may come to mind for smaller homes. These windows can increase your living space without adding significantly to your home’s exterior or footprint. These windows can help you create more living space in your attic, adding a bedroom or a room for a specific purpose like a playroom or an arts and crafts room. These windows improve your home’s exterior and add space without making significant changes to your home.


A Deck


If you enjoy spending time outdoors, a deck is always an excellent choice. These decks can be built with many types of materials to blend with your landscaping and your home’s exterior. They are a perfect addition to smaller homes. Adding a visually appealing deck to your home can increase its value and give you a comfortable place to entertain or enjoy the outdoors.


A Bump Out


If your small home sits on a larger property, you may want to add onto the exterior of your home to increase your living space. These bump-outs are an excellent home remodeling project in Massachusetts. You can choose the rooms you add to your home, whether it’s more bedrooms, another bathroom, or an office. Your remodeling contractors can help you choose the perfect location for your bump-out and ensure you get the desired results.


Finish an Existing Space


If you aren’t using your basement to its fullest, you may wish to finish the space with remodeling services in Wellesley. Your remodeling contractors can help you transform this underutilized space into more living space, whether you add a fitness center, a playroom for the kids, a game room, or a movie theater for entertaining your guests.


If you’re ready to improve your small house and ensure you can get the most out of your living space, contact us. Our home remodeling experts are ready to help you choose the ideal project to meet your needs and improve your quality of life.