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5 vegetables to Sow in August for a fall harvest

Most vegetable sand plants grow best at the peak of summer. Summer is already at its end but you will be happy to discover that there is still room to grow plants late into the season. From short-season fruits and vegetables to plants that grow quickly, you have dollops of opportunities to grow in August. But knowing which vegetables to grow in August will give you an edge and allow you to implement your gardening skills in full force.

Here are the five best vegetables that can pop up in your garden in August.

1. Red orache or new kale

Red orache not only looks vibrant but is easy to grow as well. All you need is to give it the right growing conditions. The plants love the weather conditions of late summer and are unmoved by sudden temperature drops. Besides, the soil must be well-drained and moist and the good thing is that the plant does well in salty soil as well. It can be grown with spinach, beans, eggplants, and leeks.

2. Oriental leaves or Chinese cabbage

You love your oriental salads and the best time to grow Chinese cabbage is the late summer or in August. You just have to allow the plant to grow in warm soil and damp conditions, which is exactly what you get in August. Just sow the plant light in moist soil and keep it well-watered for freshness. The Oriental leaves are a great companion of broccoli and Brussels sprouts, so go on interplanting to achieve the desired outcome.

3. Baby carrots

Carrots are your best friend for your eyes, so don’t be late if you are planning to grow them this year. You can start in August and enjoy them growing until the cooler months. Just choose an open spot that gets maximum sunlight and makes the drill deeper than normal. Water the base of the plants thoroughly and put an insect-proof mesh to protect the plants against root flies. A lot depends on the variety of the plant you choose and the winter-hardy variety is the perfect one to thrive through the winter months.

4. Spinach

Remember the iconic sailor-man Popeye never missing his share of spinach to stay strong. Now, it’s your turn. So, don’t miss planting spinach in August and reap the rewards in winter. You just have to prepare the soil with some compost and organic materials and sow spinach in multiple rows. Keep the plants well-watered and if it’s too hot, provide some shade to create ideal conditions for growth. Grow spinach with runner beans or French beans or even strawberries and tomatoes for the best results.

5. Parsley

If you are planning to add a herb to your August plantations, parsley would be the best plant to grow. To ensure that they grow well, start sowing the plant indoors from August and continue until March in pots or plug trays. Cover the plant with compost and make sure the soil is moist. Parsley grows well when the conditions are cooler and there is no hint of a late frost. Are you planning to turn August into a month of intensive growth with plants that go down really well? Start preparing the growing area and free up the space from weeds to get a host of growing crops in this late summer month.

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