6 Awesome Reasons Why Homeowners Choose uPVC Doors

6 Awesome Reasons Why Homeowners Choose uPVC Doors

A trend dating back to 1980, uPVC products have remained in vogue for the English. uPVC arrived with a promise to replace aluminium for externally glazed windows. By the end of 2020, several homes in the UK had embraced the not-so-expensive uPVC.

The idea was to add a high-value touch to their property without spending much. With time, technology made it possible for uPVC manufacturers to get better at the game.

6 Awesome Reasons Why Homeowners Choose uPVC Doors

What is uPVC

PVC represents polyvinyl chloride, a particular chemical compound extracted from a mixture of chlorine, carbon, and hydrogen. These three key components have their roots in naturally occurring raw materials of petroleum, natural gas, and common salt. The letter “u” at the beginning denotes unplasticised, also known as unmodified.

In other words, the material has not been subjected to any softening process using plasticisers. As an artificial plastic, uPVC is a one-of-a-kind material that promises the best bang for your buck. No matter whether you’re looking for uPVC doors in Leicester, Liverpool or Lancashire look no further. In this post, we mull over the six best reasons to choose uPVC doors for your home.

Incredible Longevity

When it comes to choosing the front door of your home, longevity is a prime factor. However, budget is often a constraint. This is where uPVC doors come in as a cost-effective option. Despite being a synthetic material, uPVC can withstand the worst British winter like nothing else in comparison.

Highly Sustainable

Sustainable living has taken centre stage for quite some time now. People are more concerned about the products they choose in their daily lives. As a resident of planet Earth, you can also do your bit by choosing an uPVC door. Multiple industry studies have shown how composite doors made using uPVC last longer than most products. Also, they can be easily recycled when they fall into disuse. 

More Savings

While some might advise you against uPVC doors, citing its initial costs, you must think ahead in time. Imagine the expenses coming from changing a door within a few months. With uPVC, that is certainly not the case. Besides, uPVC ranks pretty high in thermal insulation, which means it can trap the heat within the room. This is extremely beneficial, especially during the harsh, chilly nights when you can’t do much without a room heater.

Rock Solid Security 

Unfortunately, Leicester and neighbouring areas have reported an increased crime rate in 2023. The most commonly occurring mishaps are break-ins. Therefore, investing in a front door that promises maximum security without breaking the bank makes sense.

uPVC door is a wonderful option to consider as it can withstand light to moderate shocks. Compared to wooden frames, uPVC frames are difficult to break. To add another layer of security, you can also install sash jammers and anti-snap locks. If you stay alone, you must install a door chain to find out who’s at the door before opening.

Aesthetically Superior

When it comes to style and appeal, uPVC doors can give other products a run for money. Earlier, uPVC doors were only available in white colour. Today, you can customise uPVC doors to your liking. You can choose from several colours and designs for homes and shops alike. The most popular styles include Cherrywood, Irish Oak, and Rosewood.

Keeps the Noise Out Of The Room

uPVC doors are readily good at insulation, which means they can prevent outside noise. Thanks to the airtight seal between the door and frame. Thus, it makes an excellent option for houses that are in proximity to markets, schools, and road intersections.

Wrap Up 

Undoubtedly, uPVC doors are an absolute favourite among homeowners looking for a secure, sustainable option on a budget. Durable, long-lasting and highly insulated, UPVC doors have been a time-tested option all across the UK for over 25 years. For homeowners, it’s definitely a smart investment as they hardly demand any maintenance or repainting. Several modern-day uPVC doors also promise zero rust, twist, or decay.