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A Fusion of Mediterranean Vernacular and Danish Design

T.D.C: Villa Vipp in Puglia: A Fusion of Mediterranean Vernacular and Danish Design

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Villa Vipp in Puglia: A Fusion of Mediterranean Vernacular and Danish Design

After travelling along a long dusty gravel path, the Vespa finally arrives at ‘Villa Vipp, Puglia,’ which sits atop the highest point of a sloping hill, offering breathtaking views of the endless rows of olive trees. This picturesque scene of ancient olive groves deeply rooted in the region’s distinctive red soil is where Dutch Studiotoff, renowned for expertise in adaptive reuse and renovation projects, has successfully brought to life Vipp’s second guesthouse in Italy. The first, Vipp Palazzo Monti in Brescia is featured here.

Studiotoff has created a one-story family guesthouse that beautifully aligns with Puglia’s whitewashed building typology punctuating the scenic landscape. Located in a protected historic area, the modern retreat pays homage to the architectural heritage of the region. The 1.5 ha plot is enclosed by a low dry-stone wall – a local tradition used to mark the boundaries of the land – and the villa stands as a bold geometric centre point amidst the ruggedness of the natural scenery.

The duo behind Studiotoff, Irene and Barbara, being no strangers to Puglia’s soulful allure, have undertaken five property developments in the region through their Dutch studio. When Kasper Egelund, CEO and 3rd generation Vipp owner reached out to the long-time admirers of the Vipp brand, the timing was perfect. “What characterizes our projects is a sharp architecture combined with an interior of refined simplicity exuding a calmness and lightness”, observes Irene. “Since we first fell in love with Puglia six years ago, we have been keeping a close eye on this A-list location. It was a dream come true when we signed the purchase contract”, explains Barbara.

With the alchemy required to make a guest feel at home, Studiotoff and Vipp have conjured up a haven for the discerning, design-minded guest. A curated furniture selection in harmony with what surrounds it is juxtaposed by objects that add to that rural, simplistic charm of the countryside. “While the surroundings ooze of Italy’s old charm, the interior is resolutely Danish. A warm minimalism that doesn’t scream for attention but conveys a subtle sophisticated experience”, notes Kasper Egelund.

The interior of the guesthouse is comprised of three double bedrooms, two bathrooms and a combined living area and kitchen. In the fully equipped Vipp kitchen, guests will find jars of olive oil harvested from the garden and wine produced for the neighbouring fields. On the speakers, the tune of ‘Ciao ciao’ by ‘La rappresentantedi lista’, adds to the vibe of Italian vacanza.

An exterior staircase leads up to a large rooftop terrace overlooking the vast veranda adding an extra 47 m2 to the villa. “Foldable glass doors framed in oak ease the transition from indoors to outdoors where a spacious veranda and pool area devise the dolce vita of southern Italy”, says Irene. While the indispensable infinity pool offers a much-needed dip, the veranda lounge area calls for a siesta after a day of exploring a region packed with castelli and catedrali (castles and cathedrals).

Postcards from the local kiosk display the plethora of destinations to discover. From the UNESCO World Heritage site featuring clusters of Trulli, the traditional Apulian dry stone conical huts to the blissful beaches along the Ionian Sea. On the rocky Adriatic coastline, guests can reach the ‘White Cities’ of Ostuni and Cisternino, only a 20-minute drive from Villa Vipp.