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What to Expect During Your Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom is one of the most vital rooms in the home and often one of the first homeowners consider when it’s time to hire remodeling contractors in Norwood, MA. Before you embark on your bathroom renovations in Massachusetts, it’s critical to understand what you should expect from the process. The following will help you prepare for your home remodeling project.

Required Permits


One of the first steps in bathroom renovations in Norwood is securing the required permits before the work begins. You have likely spent significant time working with your contractors to choose the most suitable fixtures, tiling, and other features for your new bathroom. Once your remodeling company understands the scope of your project, they can help you get the necessary permits to start the work. They often have experience securing these permits and can streamline the process, so you don’t have legal issues later.


Prepare Your Home


Your bathroom renovations can transform your home.

You must be prepared for bathroom renovations.

Another vital step in your bathroom renovations in Massachusetts is getting your home ready for the project. Your remodeling contractors in Norwood, MA, may provide a list of things you should do before they arrive to do the work. Some of the steps you can expect to take include covering your floors to protect them from the foot traffic and equipment that will move through your home during the renovation. You should also clear out any breakable items and clutter to avoid unnecessary accidents. If you have pets, you should arrange for them to stay elsewhere during the project or close off a section of your house where they can stay.


A Bathroom Backup


Your bathroom will be out of commission for the duration of the bathroom renovations in Norwood. You should make plans for another option, whether it’s a second bathroom in your home or you need to arrange with a neighbor to use theirs. Also, keep in mind that they may need to turn off the electricity to part of your home for some of the project to complete any electrical work. 


Prepare for Unforeseen Issues


Your remodeling contractors will work hard to reduce the risk of unforeseen problems during the renovation project, but that doesn’t mean nothing will happen. Sometimes, issues arise that your contractor can’t plan for, making it vital to be flexible with your remodeling plans. It’s often best to set aside an extra 20 percent of your budget to account for unforeseen circumstances that can add to the cost of your project. You should also be available to answer questions and give feedback if anything needs to change during the renovation.


If you’re ready to embark on bathroom renovations in Norwood, MA, contact us to start discussing the specifics of your project.