Are Gutter Guards, Covers & Toppers Worth the Cost?
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Are Gutter Guards, Covers & Toppers Worth the Cost?

Owning a home can be a costly adventure which makes you question what do you really need? Does it make sense for a gutter installation to make the list?  In one word, yes.  A home without gutters is like eating soup with a fork, you’re going to end up with a mess. Lacking proper direction of water flow, the support of your home foundation crumbles. This leaves you with a weakened foundation, water spots and possible mold inside your house from sitting water. Adding gutters to your home redirects the flow of rain away from the structure, lessening the chances of having water damage.

If you’ve purchased a new home recently, you might notice they don’t have gutters installed on them. Adding gutters to your entire home can be a tricky game, but it needs to be done. A common question is: “How do I know what the best solution for my home is?” Here’s some information to help.Are Gutter Guards, Covers & Toppers Worth the Cost?

Understanding Your Gutter Cover, Topper & Screen Options

With an open style gutter, you’re left with debris, clogs and a headache. Not to mention the damage clogged gutters can cause.  Gutter protection is essential in keeping your eaves troughs spotless and sanity in check.  Within the marketplace, there are multiple gutter leaf guard accessories offered.

Gutter Covers

One option is a gutter guard, sometimes referred to as gutter covers, placed on top of your pre-existing gutter. Some gutter guards have a screen with holes in it with the intention of allowing water in, but warding off leaves.  With a screen, some of the debris will be washed over the top and not into the gutter. However, wet leaves are sticky and sloppy. They end up gathering on top of the screen and rendering them useless, bringing you back to square one.
 gutter guards installed on gutters

Gutter Toppers

A second option is a gutter topper. The topper is often one solid piece of aluminum or copper attached to the gutter.  Toppers are a better solution than a gutter screen, until junk sticks on the bolts and screws drilled into your current system to keep them attached. This is another spot where debris can get stuck and clog your gutter.  Another drawback of topper devices is that they oftentimes are not the same color as the base of the gutter, detracting from a home’s curb appeal.

Why You Should Consider LeafGuard® Over An Open Gutter System

LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are a one-piece, seamless system. Open-styled systems are more prone to leaks due to the number of joints and seams that connect each gutter section.  The patented, aluminum system combines the seamless gutter and hood into a single run.  With traditional gutters, also referred to as sectional gutters, guards and covers are sold separately as an add-on accessory or attachment.

Additionally, LeafGuard® comes with a no-clog guarantee and a warranty on the ScratchGuard® paint finish.  This ensures that your clog-free gutters will not only function properly, but they will also be a point of aesthetic pride, upping curb appeal for years to come.  With the Good Housekeeping seal of approval and our iron-clad warranties, you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the right choice. Don’t plan on living in your home forever? The LeafGuard® warranties follow with the house, leaving the value of your home higher and giving buyers p

Why LeafGuard® Brand Gutters Were the Perfect Solution for This Western WI Home:

Making A Gutter Installation Decision You Feel Good About

The most expensive home improvement project is the one you pay for twice. To avoid redoing work that’s already been done, do some homework. Get a few estimates, read up on products and research online reviews. Call contractor references and ask them questions about their project. Review estimates and warranties to ensure that you are comparing apples to apples.  Get more tips on hiring a reputable gutter contractor.

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