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Embracing Hygge Design: 101 – Kravelv

Last Updated on August 18, 2023 by Kravelv

Scandinavians are responsible for many stylistic influences, both in terms of clothing and accessories, as well as interior design.

By far, the most popular design movement to have derived from these countries, however, is the design theme of Hygge, which roughly translates to mean “Scandinavian Chic”. If you are interested in embracing this warm, comfortable, and dynamic style, then you have come to the right place.

Neutral Tones

The cornerstone of Hygge design is undoubtedly a neutral and muted color palette. As such, you must stick to the stringent rule that absolutely no other colors should be included in the space.

Think browns, grays, beiges, stone, and at a push, incredibly light shades of yellow, and for pictorial inspiration, imagine an apres-ski lodge on the slopes of Switzerland. Any ornaments that you choose to include in your new living space should still be in keeping with this natural color scheme. Additionally, you should avoid any harsh, deep, and dark black tones.

Natural Furniture

Wooden furniture, with the exception of the cushions on your couch, of course, is also a mainstay of Scandinavian chic. More specifically, in an ideal world, all your furniture pieces should be made from light wood rather than the dark walnut kind.

For real aesthetic impact, you could even consider purchasing two identical wooden ladders and leaning them onto the wall on either side of the largest chair or couch, using the shelving for Hygge-appropriate candles, photo frames, and other ornaments.

Texture, Texture, Texture!

Perhaps the most striking element of Hygge interior design is how much the style embraces contrasting textures and different materials to make the ultimate comfortable space. As long as you stick to the aforementioned important neutral color palette, the world really is your oyster, and from browsing the huge variety of Hygge rugs for sale to looking for cushions and throws in muted browns, grays, and beiges, it’s time to add as much texture as you possibly can.

Lighting is Everything!

Hygge is based around light and natural, fresh air, and as such, it’s time to ditch the long, dominating drapes in favor of wooden blinds or even light brown, much thinner drapes instead.

While redesigning your home, ensure that you do everything you can to maximize the amount of natural light and air in the space and avoid covering the windows or any glass doors. In addition, stay away from automatically using the overhead ceiling light and instead create pockets of light with floor and table lamps.

Absolutely No Metal Elements

There is another hard and fast rule when it comes to embracing Hygge interior design, and this is that there should not be even the remotest hint of industrial-themed décor, such as metallic faucets or brass accents on cabinets.

Instead, stick to wood and other natural materials, such as woven rugs made from jute and tall pillar candles made from recycled soy wax.

Embrace this trend in your home this year by using the above tips and advice. It will be effortless if you do.