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FAQ’s About Roof Replacement | Lindus Construction

For many homeowners, the purchase of a new roof is something that may only happen once or twice in a lifetime.  This can lead to a lot of questions about roof replacement.  Here some of the questions that homeowners often want answers to know before we install their new roof.

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Can I Install A New Roof Over An Old One?

Installing a new roof over an old one can save on the labor costs of tear-off.  However, doing so forfeits the ability for your contractor to inspect your roof deck for rot.  Adding a layer of shingles over previously installed shingles also adds weight to your roof which can cause unnecessary stress to your home.  Before agreeing to have a new roof installed over an old one, verify if your insurance company and municipality permit this.  In addition, installing a new roof over an old one can void the roofing manufacturer’s warranty.

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How Do I Know If I Need a New Roof?

Water-stained ceilings, blistering shingles, and missing granules are signals that your current roof may have reached the end of its lifespan.  Reputable contractors offer free roof inspections and can tell you whether a new roof is needed.

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Can I Install My Own Roof?

While this can seem like a good idea to save costs, the installation of a new roof should only be entrusted to a reputable contractor.  If a roof is installed outside of the contactor’s specifications, the warranty will be voided.  If a homeowner starts working on a roofing project and gets stuck, it may be difficult to get a contractor to come out at the drop of a hat to fix the problem.  In fact, some contractors may refuse to work on a roofing project they didn’t start.

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How Do I Make Sure My Roofing Contractor Isn’t a Con Artist?

While there are many reputable roofing contractors in the industry, scam artists do exist.  To protect yourself, be sure to ask potential roofing contractors questions about their company’s history, ask for references that you can speak with, and read their online reviews.

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Should I Trust A Roofing Contractor That Knocks On My Door After A Storm?

Quality roofing contractors often are often booked about for weeks or months ahead of time.  Rarely do they go door-to-door asking for work.  If a contractor knocks on your door after a storm, they often are a storm-chasing contactor.  These types of companies rarely perform exemplary work if they finish it at all.  Many times, they do not carry insurance.  This means that if a worker is injured while installing a roof, the homeowner can be responsible for the medical expenses.

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