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Fountain Show Fog Effects at MerryLand, Vietnam

Laservision Australia is known for its expertise in creating and producing large-scale multimedia experiences, including water shows, laser shows, projection mapping, and other spectacular visual displays. Shows combine water features, fountains, music, lights, and lasers to create stunning visual spectacles. They are a leading company in the field of multimedia entertainment and has gained international recognition for its innovative and immersive productions.

Laservision’s talented artists, designers and engineers are experts in creating laser displays, using precise laser technology to produce intricate and mesmerizing light patterns and effects, often, on irregular surfaces such as buildings, objects or water to give the illusion of movement. Once static structures become dynamic canvases. Technical departments with skillsets including structural, civil, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, software, computer, electronic, marine, and mechatronic engineering bring these concepts into spectacular reality. The result is the delivery of innovative and unforgettable experiences for their audiences.

Koolfog is proud to work with Laservision in the creation of what is now considered Vietnam’s largest Fountain Show and longest water music square. MerryLand Quy Nhon‘s is a popular tourist destination, and its water music square has more than 300 sprinklers at a height of 30-50 meters, giant fire nozzles of up to 20 meters, a water-type amphitheater and fountain. The square is designed to host various entertainment activities throughout the year like the visual display of regional stories, musical performances, seasonal events, and mega-events.

The immersive Fountain Show combines the beauty of water, fog, mist, light, musical, and flame special effects. The show begins with a burst of water jets shooting up into the air, illuminated by vibrant colored lights. The water dances and swirls in perfect synchronization with music, creating a symphony of movement and sound. Lasers and mist add an extra dimension to the performance to create intricate patterns and shapes.

Working with Laservision closely early in the fog design process helped ensure success. Koolfog considered various configurations presented by Laservision to determine the feasibility of each approach, calculating pressure losses, distribution line routing, and other implementation details. In the end, the fog effect incorporated 119 meters (390 feet) of fog line formed into a gentle arc across the expanse of the fountain. Extensions were provided to allow the fog line to be submerged within the fountain with only nozzles protruding above the water’s surface. The end result, is an amazing blanket of fog stretching across the water surface, providing an additional visual nuance that contributes to the fountain’s success.

The Laservision Fountain water show is not only a visual feast but also a celebration of Vietnamese culture. Traditional Vietnamese music and dance are incorporated into the performance, showcasing the rich heritage of the country. This cultural element adds depth and meaning to the show, making it a truly immersive experience.

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