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How to Remodel a Playroom That’s More Than Just a Place to Play

Creating a playroom can open fantastic opportunities for your kids and help you keep your house tidy. If you’re ready to design a playroom as a room addition in Massachusetts, you will need to understand how to make the playroom more than just a place to play. Your children will grow and their needs will change, requiring you to create room additions in Brookline that can grow with them.

Include Your Children in the Planning


The planning stage of home remodeling in Norwood, MA, is one of the most crucial aspects of ensuring the new playroom meets everyone’s needs. During the planning process, consider including your children in the brainstorming. Ask what features they would like for their playroom and what design elements will fit their vision. They can help you choose paint colors, furniture, and other features that will make the playroom their own.


Theater and Dance


Children love to write and act in their own plays or dance to their favorite music. As you plan room additions in Brookline to create a playroom, consider these factors. Creating a nook where your children can put on their plays will give them a sense of accomplishment as they show off their imagination to anyone around to watch. Consider adding a good sound system to allow them to dance to their favorite tunes.




Room additions can be used for a playroom.

Create the ideal playroom with room additions.

If your children love to make music, adding a music nook in the playroom is a fantastic solution. A small drum set or a keyboard can aid your budding musician in their creative endeavors. If you don’t want to invest in full-size musical instruments, you can find smaller options that allow your children to explore music without a significant investment. Once they choose to pursue an instrument seriously, you can alter the room to meet their needs.




Art is another excellent outlet for childhood creativity. Most children love to make things with their hands and share them with friends and loved ones. With your home remodeling in Norwood, MA, you can build the perfect environment where your child will feel comfortable painting, drawing, and embarking on other arts and crafts projects. Don’t forget a large board where your children can proudly display their works of art.


Game Room and Sports


No playroom is complete without active things to do. You can implement plenty of indoor activities like a small climbing net or a mini-trampoline. Don’t forget to install safety panels and mats to help keep your child safe while using their new equipment. Board games and other game room options like air hockey, foosball, or ping pong can be great additions to your child’s playroom that will grow with them.


If you’re interested in home additions in Massachusetts, particularly for adding a playroom for your children, contact us. We’ll help you create the perfect place for your child to unleash their energy and creativity.