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Pool Fencing: Why Glass is the Best Option for Pool Fencing

Last Updated on November 6, 2023 by Kravelv

A pool in the backyard is the ultimate luxury for most people. Nothing beats the calmness you get from relaxing in cool water on a summer afternoon. However, installing a pool in the backyard comes with a responsibility. It is a regulation that every pool owner must install a barrier around the pool to prevent children or any unauthorized person from accessing it. There are several pool fencing options, but one choice that has been gaining popularity is glass pool fencing. It is beautiful and versatile and does not block the beautiful view. Here are the reasons glass is a great pool fencing option.  

1. Customized Design Options

People have different tastes. That is why experts like Glass Express help you build a stylish glass fence you will love. They offer a variety of glass products to meet your specifications. Whether you need a frameless glass pool fence or a semi-frameless one, there is always something for you. You can also get tinted glass that fits with your color theme.

2. Safe and Durable

When you think of durability, glass may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, the material is treated to toughen it so it can stand the test of time and weather conditions. Materials like metal are susceptible to repairs. They also rust and wear quickly, requiring replacement. On the other hand, glass provides a robust fence in the pool area. This reduces the risk of injuries by preventing unauthorized access, especially for children.

3. Does Not Interrupt View

Visibility is another crucial advantage of glass fencing compared to other alternatives. The frameless panels provide an uninterrupted view of your outdoor space. You don’t need to keep the shimmering pool hidden behind a fence. This makes glass fencing the best choice for the pool when you want security without obstructing the view.

4. Enhance the Visual Appeal of the Backyard

Glass fencing offers more than security. Its modern and elegant look gives you something to make your backyard admirable. It has a simple and luxurious design sets it apart from other materials like wood and metal. So, add attraction to your backyard by installing a glass fence. 

5. Little Maintenance

Surprisingly, glass fencing offers an easy choice for protecting your pool. It is easy to maintain since it is resistant to corrosion. That means it does not rust. Furthermore, cleaning is easy. You only need to wipe down with soapy water every month. Staining or major upkeep is required to maintain its good look. 

6. Increase Property Value

Installing a glass fence around the pool is more than a home improvement project. It is also an investment that adds value to your property. The glass transforms the look of your backyard into a focal point that can help fetch a reasonable price if you decide to sell the house.

7. Ease of Installation

Glass pool fencing is easy to install. However, it is always advisable to hire a licensed glass installer for the job. The process does not need a specialized tool except for the area where the clamps will be placed. The ease of installation makes glass a better fencing option than others. 

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Considering the numerous benefits of glass, it is no wonder more homeowners are choosing the material for fencing their backyard swimming pools. It is an option that adds style and elegance to your home while keeping children and pets safe.