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Small Space Home Additions: Making the Most of Limited Square Footage

When you feel like you don’t have enough space in your home, you may consider home remodeling in Wellesley. You can work with experienced remodeling contractors in Massachusetts who can help you find the perfect way to add usable space to your home. Whether you want to build a new addition for your home or consider other remodeling services, you can rest assured that your contractors will help you make the most of your space.

Basement Finishing Is an Ideal Choice


One of the most popular remodeling services in Wellesley, MA, is basement finishing. Many homeowners have an open basement they simply use for storage or other general purposes. However, you can make better use of the space by finishing the basement. You can add a bathroom, create a fitness or gaming room, or build an extra bedroom. The options are endless for creating usable space in your basement.


Create a Multi-Functional Garage


Many homeowners use their garages to store their vehicles, lawn equipment, and other outdoor items. However, if you’re limited on space in your home, you can use your garage to create a multi-functional space. Instead of storing your car in the garage, your remodeling contractors in Massachusetts can build a workspace, create a man cave, or use it for a home office or recreational space. The garage is the ideal way to add livable space to your home without the expense of an addition.


Enclose Your Patio for More Space


Home remodeling can add more usable space.

Add more living space with home remodeling.

Your patio is ideal for relaxing outside in good weather. However, many people find they can’t enjoy their patio when the weather isn’t suitable for sitting outside. When enclosing your patio with home remodeling in Wellesley, you can create space you can use, even when it’s raining outside. Creating a sunroom with your patio will help you enjoy the outdoors while creating a more useful space. 


Consider a Bump Out


When many people think of home additions, they consider adding an entire room onto their home. However, this isn’t always necessary. Depending on how much space you want to add, a bump out can be a perfect solution. This process involves moving a wall outward by a smaller amount than building an entire room. You will get more space in your existing rooms without significantly increasing your home’s footprint.


Finish the Attic


While many people are aware of finishing the basement, the attic is often overlooked. However, depending on your home’s style, it can be the perfect way to add space to your home. Remodeling services in Wellesley, MA, can often transform your attic into an extra bedroom or a recreational space with fewer regulations than doing the same in your basement. Your remodeling contractors can discuss the pros and cons of finishing your attic to create more livable space.


If you’re looking for the best ways to add square footage to your small home, contact us. Our remodeling contractors will happily discuss your options.