Solar Companies Importance for Off-Grid Power Supply in Hawaii

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Hawaii has always been known to face energy supply & demand challenges. Its isolated location and geographical peculiarities are a reason for this. For example, a densely populated part like Maui and Oahu will likely have better grid coverage. However, the same cannot be said about less populated areas like Lanai and Molokai. As a result, such places will likely have less grid infrastructure required for power supply to all properties there.

In light of these challenges, solutions have been proffered from various quarters. You can read this article for more on this subject. Making the most of solar companies is one of the significant solutions proffered, especially for areas with off-grid challenges. More on the need for this will be discussed here. But first, why are there power grid connection challenges in Hawaii?

Reasons for Power Grid Connection Challenges in Hawaii

For the record, many parts of Hawaii still need to overcome this challenge. However, there are enough areas to raise some eyebrows, and here are some of the reasons for this challenge:

1. Environmental Considerations

There are at least two ways that this is a factor. Firstly, Hawaii is embedded with a lot of rich history, with cultural & historical sites proof of this. Connections to the grid systems in some parts can disrupt cultural & historical sites, which are taken seriously, especially by the natives.

Secondly, some parts have natives who are very ecologically sensitive. As a result, some of these areas reduce the chance of being connected to the grid because of the resulting adverse environmental impacts.

2. Terrain Issues

The state is a beauty going by many standards. However, it also has an abundance of challenging terrains. This state includes widely dense forests and rugged mountains. These terrains make connection to the power grid from certain areas very difficult or even unfeasible.

3. Isolated Areas

Hawaii as a whole is isolated from the nation’s mainland. Furthermore, many parts of the state are isolated from other areas. This is not surprising given how there are 137 known Hawaii islands, including the likes of:

  • Molokai
  • Kauai
  • Kahoolawe
  • Maui
  • Big Island
  • Oahu
  • Lanai

This natural situation is why there are many micro-grid infrastructures in the state. But even at that, some areas still need to be connected to any grid system.

How Solar Companies Enable Off-Grid Living in Hawaii

Despite its grid power challenges, Hawaii is one of the best places to make the most of solar energy. Solar companies are integral in making this happen, and here are a few things to know about how significant they are in this regard:

#1. They Enable You to Benefit from Abundant Solar Energy

This state boasts of having the country’s best weather and climatic conditions. It explains why so many people choose it as a tourist destination. Snowbirds are also known to move in and out seasonally.

The amount of sunshine enjoyed throughout the year is one reason why. Not even winter stops residents from enjoying this privilege. These companies help their clients harness this state’s abundant supply of sunlight.

#2. Cost-Effectiveness

Solar energy in Hawaii is cost-effective when you compare it to the cost of being fed from the power grid.

For the record, electricity retail cost in this state is almost three times the national average cost. This record conveniently places Hawaii as the state with the most expensive electricity price.

Although solar energy’s upfront cost is usually capital-intensive, it is cost-effective in the long run. Solar companies can help you enjoy their cost-effective benefits by offering quality products and services.

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#3. Environmental Benefits

Hawaii is one of the states with an intensive commitment to a greener community because of the dire need to reduce its carbon footprint.

Most of the power supplied from the power grid comes from imported petroleum. This matter causes a profound environmental impact, so the authorities insist on achieving a completely green Hawaiian community by 2045. Solar companies play a huge part in making this goal attainable by offering their eco-friendly services and making the state environmentally sustainable.

#4. Power Reliability

Even areas well connected to the grid or micro-grid infrastructures sometimes have challenges. Sometimes, these challenges result in power outages.

For example, natural disasters such as wildfires can affect power supply. In other words, supply from the power grid is only partially reliable. People can have energy independence with solar, ensuring they stay connected even if the grid system is down.

To drive home the point that solar energy is also flawed, some people argue that the sun does not always shine. They also argue that there are days with less sunshine. While this is true, it is essential to note that solar technology advancement makes it possible to store a great deal of energy for much later.

You will find it trustworthy if you engage the services of a good solar company. You can see for more on this subject. On the whole, there is so much that Hawaiians stand to gain when they engage the services of solar companies.


In addition to the points discussed above, you should know that the Hawaiian authorities have several programs in the best interest of people who opt for solar energy products and power supply. There are tax privileges, rebates, subsidies, and other incentives. Dealing with the right Hawaiian solar companies ensures you take full advantage of such programs.

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