When your spiritual tools seem to stop working

A lot of people I’m talking to right now are in crisis. Whether it’s a divorce, job loss, death, being forced to move, battling accidents, trauma, health issues, or financial loss, I’m hearing it from everyone. Bottom line, life has gotten really hard. The second thing I am hearing is the spiritual tools no longer work. It’s too hard to meditate, read, slow down or calm down. How can I possibly slow down and bring myself to rest when my nervous system is literally short-circuiting?!

Listen, I get it, and I hear you. I myself am going through the trenches too. I’ve been battling health issues, financial loss, being forced to move, and a lot more. My energy can reach heights of frenetic chaos that sometimes I don’t even recognize. For anyone that has read my book, Feng Shui for the Soul, How to Achieve more Ohm from your Home, you may be saying to yourself, “But Amanda you’re like the energy person, if you can’t manage this how the hell can I?”

We’re all doing our best we can to ‘human.’ And in case you didn’t know, this human stuff isn’t our natural state. We’re spiritual beings having a human experience. We come from a place that is all-knowing and all-loving. A place that is all ease and flow and love. Then we come to this place and experience polarity, and duality. A place that feeds on judgment, lack, fear and greed. No wonder so many of us struggle.

But I am here to say, it’s not that your spiritual tools aren’t working, it’s that it’s harder to sit still to do them! We are being pulled in so many different directions and everything is vying for your attention. We aren’t built to operate at this speed all the time and yet we push ourselves to do more, be more, all for the sake of more. But what is more? Have you stopped to ask if you even need more? And why?

Our culture has led us all to believe that we need more things, more money, a bigger house, more cars, a better job and more money. And if you sit around and don’t covet those things you’re plum lazy. Insert the distaste for those darn millennials and Gen Z’ers blowing up the paradigm and setting boundaries. How dare they do that! How dare they want true work/life balance and question what us old folks were indoctrinated with since children.

Today’s video is an interview I did with Aisha Rose Hassan. She and I speak about a new paradigm being birthed and how we can not only manage the chaos, but learn tho thrive within it. How do you take the spiritual tools you have and pivot in a new direction that better suits you? We talk about this and so much more!




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