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The Power of Purpose-Driven Organization: Your Ultimate Organizing Hack

How To Dig A Little Deeper With Purpose-Driven Organizing

But there’s more to purpose driven organizing

Key Questions for Purpose-Driven Organizing

  • What’s the overall purpose of an area?

  • What activities take place in this space?

  • What will an organized room do for us mentally? Will it motivate or inspire us?

  • What will it do for us physically?

  • How will it make our lives better or easier?

Getting organized and decluttering your home isn’t about purging and throwing away things you don’t use. Instead, organizing is about how to make your home serve you better. This way, you can relax, recharge, and give your best to the people who matter most.

Decluttering With Purpose Leads To Better Focus + More Productivity

Simply by decluttering with a purpose you’re going to see a new level of pairing the amount of stuff you have, down.

It’s unbelievable, how easy it is for life to spill into every facet of our home, which includes the more heavily used areas:

Keep in mind that eliminating excess doesn’t just get rid of the physical clutter in our homes. 

The average American home has 300,000+ items, which means that simply decluttering your belongings with purpose will actually lead you + your family to have better focus + improved productivity. #WinWin #LetsGrow

As we streamline the process of making decisions, life gets a whole lot easier. 

Not only is it easier to spot the gaping holes of inefficiency in your daily routines, but disconnectedness will become so brazenly obvious that you can’t help but to remedy the situation… asap! 

By becoming a conscious keeper, you’ll actually see a boost in productivity by nearly 40% because you’re no longer wasting time or energy considering things that don’t truly matter.

In fact, in exchange for all the stuff you’re decluttering, you’ll be a bazillion times happier because what you end up having is more time.

  • Time for things that matter most #hellometime

  • Time for the meaningful relationships #hellofriends

  • Time for the things you love + use #hellohobbies

Suddenly, we begin to realize that what we’re actually doing is making room to fill our lives with more of what we want + enjoy.

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