Can Carpets Be Saved After A Flood?
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Can Carpets Be Saved After A Flood?

The disastrous effects of flooding extends over to our carpets, whether it’s new or old installation the damage done can be irreversible. Whether the carpets can be saved depends on various circumstances, the complexity of this can make it difficult to determine this. It is crucial to contact our team at flood services to conduct a free damage assessment. Our expertise will inform you on how salvageable your carpets can be.                   

Potential causes of flooding

There are various causes of flooding including: Home appliances overflowing such as dishwashers and washing machines, weather damage such as snowing or faulty plumbing such as burst pipes. These numerous reasons can provide difficulty in locating the root cause in order to determine the level of hazard the flooding poses.

Why the colour of my flood water matters.

Within an event of carpet flooding, clean, black or grey water is discovered. Black water often originates from sewage or other water sources, whereas greywater often occurs as a result of home appliances such as dishwashers.

Water discolouration poses a significant safety risk and can cause illnesses such as asthma or tuberculosis. The time period in which the carpet has been flooded cannot be over 48 hours.

Common flooding circumstances

Generally, the nature of the flooding circumstances determines the action taken with the carpets. However, every individualistic flooding situation has unique issues. Common examples can assist in an in-depth understanding of whether your carpet can be saved. Often including:

  • Toilet overflowing: There are various contaminants present that are designed to persist in sewage water, resulting in a potential hazard for illnesses upon exposure. Carpets are likely unsalvageable.
  • Faulty leaking dishwasher: The potential of contaminants present can cause illness. Carpets will likely be disposed of.
  • Sewage backflow: Containing hazardous microorganisms potentially causing illness such as gastroenteritis. Carpets will most likely be disposed of.
  • Clean water: There are zero contaminants present. It is most likely salvageable if immediate action is taken.

DIY Steps for flooded carpets

Being proactive post flooding can lower the likelihood of extensive damage before we arrive to help! There are various methods to be undertaken in order to ensure this.

Discover the source of flooding: The first step is discovering the source of the flooding. If the carpet is wet from a leaky pipe or another plumbing issue, temporary prevention of further leaking or basic plumbing can dispel the issue until a professional plumber arrives.

Remove all water immediately: Ensure to complete this step within 48 hours to prevent a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Various methods of absorbing excess moisture include utilising towels or other materials to absorb water, opening windows, placing a fan pointed to the carpet, utilising an air dehumidifier to extract excess moisture from air and wet and dry vacuuming to absorb as much water as possible.

After a flooding event, it is essential to clean and sanitise wet carpets as soon as possible. Here are some steps for sanitising wet carpets:

  • Apply a professional grade disinfectant to the carpet.
  • Allow the disinfectant to dwell on the carpet for the recommended amount of time.
  • Rinse the carpet with clean water.
  • Extract the remaining water from the carpet using a wet/dry vacuum.
  • Place fans or dehumidifiers in the room to help speed up the drying process.

By following this, you can help to prevent mould and bacteria growth in your wet carpets.

Obtain an assessment from us

Once all steps have been completed, contacting our professional flood restoration services is ideal to conduct an assessment on the extent of damage.  We determine whether further steps need to be taken in maintaining the carpets sustainability or your general safety.

Contact us now at Flood Services

At Flood services we provide efficient services in Sydney for wet carpets.  Achieved through an extensive team of flood restoration experts, pertaining knowledge and equipment to curate the best solution for your flooded carpets.

We understand the stress and hassle associated with flooding, which is why we have various resources available. Contact us now! Whether it’s via our email, phone number, a message through our website or our online booking forms!